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    I hope the ones who are reading this message have already seen the Infinity War. I really wanted to discuss it as I watched it yesterday.

    I really liked the movie. It was a great movie with a very tragic ending.

    I didn't expect Thanos would do that after we see him crying for his daughter before he eventually sacrifices her. Even I thought that he wouldn't get the soul stone because all that he loved was nothing. This whole speculation went wrong and my mouth literally dropped when Thanos sheds a tear from his eyes.

    I also didn't think that he would really snap his fingers.I didn't think he would really do that to wipe out 50% of the population as we see young Gamora ask his him "What did it cost" and to which he said "Everything". I thought he had realized what he had done but my speculation went wrong.

    I also liked the couples in the film, Vision and Wanda which goes almost parallel to Gamora and Peter (Star-Lord)
    Wanda had to kill the man the man that she loved but then again due to the time stone she saw him come back again and being killed off by Thanos in front of her eyes while also getting the stone. That was really heartbreaking for me.
    The second couple, Gamora and Peter, where Gamora asks him to promise her that he is gonna kill her if Thanos gets her and when that moment arises the fact that he is almost going to do it shows how much he loves her. Including the fact that he could not resist himself when he got to know the one that he loved the most was now dead.

    The scenes I really loved were the scenes of Black Panther and Thor
    The scene when T'challa says to open the shield, it really gave me the chills. When the war of Wakanda began, I really loved every moment of it.
    I really liked how they put Peter Dinklage into a giant dwarf. It kinda gave us an origin story of Thor's hammer and saying that we'll make a new weapon is just awesome.
    Thor literally survived through the huge explosion in the ship and then he survived taking on the full power of the freaking star.
    When he got his new weapon and came to save the day in Wakanda he kicked ass!

    Now talking about the deaths, which was the most devastating part for me in the whole movie, the ending.
    The moment Thanos snaps his fingers, half of the universe is erased... the saddest death for me was Peter's death. When he told Tony that he doesn't wanna die... It was heartbreaking for me. Black Panther, Spiderman, Scarlet Witch, Bucky, Dr. Strange, Star-Lord, Groot, Nick Fury... all were faded into the dust.

    Overall I really liked how the whole movie had a comedic relief between the serious scenes. That had to be there, especially the scenes with Spiderman and Ironman, Including the scenes with GOTG characters.

    Now, as the ending left us in suspense let me tell you what I speculate. The fact that Dr. Strange left us questioning why would he do that.
    I think that when he looked into the future and saw those 14 million outcomes in which they won only 1, I think he saw something. I think giving up the time stone was the only way they would win. They must lose in order to win. Giving up the stone was the only way to stop him.
    In the post-credit scene, we see Nick Fury dropping the device which shows Captain Marvel's logo. And I think she might be a huge asset in helping the others in Avengers 4.

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    Are you wonderwomen? or catwoman?

  • i saved the world,in the end i hit thanos with my hammer,he almost died,but that fucker used infinty stones power and disappeared,i miss my partners(avengers who disappeared) btw i dont know why the fuck vision had a stone, he did nothing in movie, well i dont wanna say anything abt star lord,stark told me that they almost fucked thanos but star lord used his stupid mind and their plan failed and just bcz of this dr, stranger gave his time stone to thanos and bcz of this thanos get vision's stone....
    well our next part will release in may 2019
    I WILL MISS MY BROTHER LOKI:disappointed_face: :disappointed_face:
    and i dont know why the fuck hulk shown in poster with avengers,he was not in movie,btw after watching infinity war i think captain is overrated....
    ironman,dr strange and spiderman were awesome in movie they atleast did something to save the world(we say world but save only america).....
    LOVE U MY FANS :winking_face: :winking_face:

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  • @fearlesswoman ok whatever Avengers recruit you😊😊😊
    Wear your suit and mask stand with us and show fear to thanos in A4.
    You have suit?

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  • @steve-roger For Sure :D

    Let's do this!

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    Avengers( Tony, thor, Banner, Natasha, hawkeye, antman and captain marvel😌)get ready to show the fear to thanos

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  • @fearlesswoman to me one of the greatest moments in the movie was when fury was about to say ‘motherfucker’ but was cut off because he faded away

  • @t_hollow19 yeah! I remember that scene