i walked into the movies expecting to see my favorite super heros kicking ass and being awesome but NO i walk in and they are all DYING
    am i the only one that cried during spider-mans final scene????? what about groot???? (i have a deep emotional connection to groot cuz he is adorable asf)
    i personally think all the heros that died will come back im not convinced that everyone is dead for good so what are your thoughts???
    im curious what everyone thinks so while i wait for responses im gonna go cry thinking about how much this movie has crushed my childhood...:loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face:

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    This is what happens when you expect too much!
    Stan lee tricked us!

  • Don't cry ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Actually I tired of Everytime heros victory over odd super villian at end.

    So i have little expect about twist.
    But it's bigger and mighty failure of avengers.
    Other thing is "there is no another way to claim the lost avengers"
    This says of #Dr. Strange at climax
    Thanos has all 6 stones(including space and time)

    So died avengers will not come again
    There is a way to victory but not by time travel

    Spidey is just examine for upcoming spider series.

    Hence avengers upcoming series will only have primary avengers against mighty thanos

  • @s_dawn don't cry I don't like people crying relax and come with me I will show you infinite war

  • @mylifemyrule wtf just happened??? subject change in .2 seconds????

  • Part 2 is coming. It is something we can look forward to. For sure they will give us something interesting. Though I'm not sure if Thanos will be defeated because in the comics, he was never been defeated. xD