• So i expected something more awesome, the movie it is awesome but man hell z wrong with stan lee? The ending is worst, like im heart broken right now, the purple fat bitch killed many heroes like wtf. How could we get black panther 2 now and new spiderman movie? Nick fury was supposed to show up in captain marvel, but he is not there amymore, wtf is happening??? 😭😭😭, i saw this movie 2 days back but still i get nightmares of how loki died. Oh that hurted so much πŸ˜­πŸ˜“
    Tom holland was a teenager like wtf 😭😭

    This me after watchin the movie πŸ˜“
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Btw i heard there is something between this shit, as in the movie we can see thanos without his gauntlet met again ganora as a kid, it is said that was soul world in soul stone. And if you watched it clearly only first avengers left. Tony stark, hulk banner, steve (captain america), black widow and all first avengers. I believe something is happening, as thanos fulfilled his wish to wipe out half of universe now lets wait for avengers 4, its believed all those heroes who died will be avenged!!!

    About heroes who died i believe they might come back, because example coolest super heroe of all time T'chala, made a movie which made billions of money, its said to be 3rd rated movie which was sold his tickets more than Titanic. They wont let that happen, there must be black panther 2 or else shuri will take T'challas place to serve wakanda, as how it shows on comic books

    so tell me in your view how do you see the ending of Infinity war?? And what new characters are you expecting?? Is it true that characters who died wont be there any more? Im curious

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    am I only one in here I ALMOST CRIED AT SPIDERMANS SCENE

  • @ragnar I feel the same. The movie is cool but the end is weak, but now we have to wait to Captain Marvel in 2019 to introduce new Super Heroes that will appear in Avengers 4...

  • They're not going to kill them off anyway. Gamora idk about but Spider-Man, black panther, doctor strange, starlord, groot, dead. They've all got upcoming movies.

  • i saved the world,in the end i hit thanos with my hammer,he almost died,but that fucker used infinty stones power and disappeared,i miss my partners(avengers who disappeared) btw i dont know why the fuck vision had a stone, he did nothing in movie, well i dont wanna say anything abt star lord,stark told me that they almost fucked thanos but star lord used his stupid mind and their plan failed and just bcz of this dr, stranger gave his time stone to thanos and bcz of this thanos get vision's stone....
    well our next part will release in may 2019
    I WILL MISS MY BROTHER LOKI:disappointed_face: :disappointed_face:
    and i dont know why the fuck hulk shown in poster with avengers,he was not in movie,btw after watching infinity war i think captain is overrated....
    ironman,dr strange and spiderman were awesome in movie they atleast did something to save the world(we say world but save only america).....
    LOVE U MY FANS :winking_face: :winking_face:

  • @th0r
    Don't worry we( I, Tony, Banner, Natasha) with you.
    Avengers miss #Loki's naughty play
    *"He several times fake as die and come back but this time seems not possible"*😟😞
    You said about loki
    Another one join us let's welcome her
    #Captain Marvel my girl πŸ˜€

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    @ragnar Spoiler for your spoiler (My predictions): The timeline for the next 2 movies are weird, as I think Ant Man and the Wasp is set right after Civil War, and Captain Marvel is set in the 90's, so it's before Nick Fury lost his eye. As it comes to all the heroes, I think Tony will use the Gauntlet to bring them all back, notice how Dr. Strange gave Thanos the time stone, so Tony could life? That's because it's only successful if Tony stays alive, and it seems everyone else is expendable, because magic will undo all. I bet a few characters stay dead, but anyone voodoo'd out of existence by the gauntlet will come back at least.

  • @us-poet you got a point, πŸ€”πŸ€”, tony left alive for a reason, and dr.strange did that all for a reason. Im afraid we lost gamora thou. Not bad qw gon have spider man back!!!!

  • Freedom Writers

    @us-poet You're right. I agree with poet as well. For those characters who fade away (those who died the moment Thanos snapped his fingers), all of them are not gonna come back but those who are the next generation in the MCU like spiderman and Black Panther might come back.

    also, Since Tony survived he might be a huge asset in the Avengers 4

    Also, I do not think Dr. Strange would give up the time stone for Tony's life. He even states that somewhere in the movie. What I think is that when he saw those 14 million possibilities he saw something. He does have a plan and I think he did this because he thinks that is the only way they would win.

  • Im so excited of new marvel characters thou

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    They will be back.
    Marvel can't afford them to die so early.

    Things I hated about Infinity War (yes, it's not up to the mark):
    The ending is really bad and dull.
    They just travel, travel and travel.
    Hulk didn't show up.
    Half the superheroes are dead(They will come back...so it doesn't make any sense to get them killed in the first place)
    No Ant-man or Hawkeye.
    Literally, nothing happens on earth (Thanos comes to earth in the final moments of the movie and stays for like 10mins....)
    Loki dies in the first few mins
    Last thing: All the Avengers that were in the initial movie are safe! (WTF)

    Idk...im very sad and disappointed :(

  • This is my speculation:

    I think all those heroes didn't die. They were taken away by Thanos to be his soldiers then in the Avengers 4 it would be the war between the initial Avangers vs Thanos+all these superheroes. I'm pretty sure the one Nick Fury called in the credits is Captain Marvel which will be with the Avengers side on the 4th movie.

    Ugh should we really wait for another year i hate this feeling😭😭

  • @steve-roger aye steve,captain marvel is mine,dont even try to look her,she is hot af and im gonna propose her soon
    thanx for support dude,now we can kill thanos

  • @th0r
    We will wipe out thanos is sure.
    We give to her decision whom she likes 😊
    Because you already have gf
    I had😁

  • @steve-roger ohk fine,we will let her chose but i think she likes me,everytime we meet,she smiles:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: we made eye contact with each other,u know thats the best feeling....so i have more chance...:grinning_face: :grinning_face:

  • @th0r when this happened 😐?
    She ever appeared in modern marvel.

  • @steve-roger thats what i wanna tell u,u guys dont know,we r dating since my third part released,its not shown in comics and movies but she got impressed by my new hairstyle and my smile in thor ragnarok part:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
    i didnt wanna tell u but u asked so i told u,but plz dont tell to other avengers bc they will ask for party and my kingdom destroyed so i dont have money rn:smiling_face: :smiling_face: i hope u understand/......

  • @steve-roger hhahaha ohk dude, btw u should go for wondermomen in dc comics,she is hot af:smiling_face: :smiling_face:

  • @ragnar youre meaning to tell me that Black panther DIES.

  • @us-poet on trailer banner was there running with wakanda peoples, but why tf he aint there? There is only hulkbuster 😐☹

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