SPOILER ALERT!!!! Step back if you ddnt watch infinity war.

  • So i expected something more awesome, the movie it is awesome but man hell z wrong with stan lee? The ending is worst, like im heart broken right now, the purple fat bitch killed many heroes like wtf. How could we get black panther 2 now and new spiderman movie? Nick fury was supposed to show up in captain marvel, but he is not there amymore, wtf is happening??? 😭😭😭, i saw this movie 2 days back but still i get nightmares of how loki died. Oh that hurted so much πŸ˜­πŸ˜“
    Tom holland was a teenager like wtf 😭😭

    This me after watchin the movie πŸ˜“
    alt text

    alt text

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    Btw i heard there is something between this shit, as in the movie we can see thanos without his gauntlet met again ganora as a kid, it is said that was soul world in soul stone. And if you watched it clearly only first avengers left. Tony stark, hulk banner, steve (captain america), black widow and all first avengers. I believe something is happening, as thanos fulfilled his wish to wipe out half of universe now lets wait for avengers 4, its believed all those heroes who died will be avenged!!!

    About heroes who died i believe they might come back, because example coolest super heroe of all time T'chala, made a movie which made billions of money, its said to be 3rd rated movie which was sold his tickets more than Titanic. They wont let that happen, there must be black panther 2 or else shuri will take T'challas place to serve wakanda, as how it shows on comic books

    so tell me in your view how do you see the ending of Infinity war?? And what new characters are you expecting?? Is it true that characters who died wont be there any more? Im curious

  • @ragnar There will be a part 2 I believe. Did you see the ending clip after all the credits?? I feel your pain lol.

  • @ang3l wait when nick fury died too? Hell yes and im not even crying now

  • @ragnar The signal he sent it to was Captain Marvel, sooo excited for part 2!!! 😭

  • @ang3l ooh that one yeah i saw it, in comics its said she is one amongs powerful beings on earth, im soo excited too, nick furry supposed to be on that movie ya know, now im confused lmao

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    @ragnar I didn't read it coz I don't wanna spoil my excitement πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  • @ragnar She's supposed to be getting her own movie which will show what she's currently doing while everything in infinity war is happening at the same time, hopefully it doesn't end with her receiving the message 😭

  • @ang3l hmm sounds like there is where we might find hawk eye and antman, interesting. She will get her movie soon lets hope for the best

  • @cutie-cat but.....but....you did thou

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    @ragnar I just read the memes u posted πŸ˜‚

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    They will be back.
    Marvel can't afford them to die so early.

    Things I hated about Infinity War (yes, it's not up to the mark):
    The ending is really bad and dull.
    They just travel, travel and travel.
    Hulk didn't show up.
    Half the superheroes are dead(They will come back...so it doesn't make any sense to get them killed in the first place)
    No Ant-man or Hawkeye.
    Literally, nothing happens on earth (Thanos comes to earth in the final moments of the movie and stays for like 10mins....)
    Loki dies in the first few mins
    Last thing: All the Avengers that were in the initial movie are safe! (WTF)

    Idk...im very sad and disappointed :(

  • @cutie-cat lmfao okay you better not read everything

  • lol :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:

  • @sup i feel you bro, hulk was there on the trailer, but wtf he ddnt show up, it was only banner and hulk buster 😭, stan lee tricked us that old bitch πŸ˜’

  • @sup
    This is so humiliating 😭

  • I cant stand this anymore
    alt text

  • @ragnar I feel the same. The movie is cool but the end is weak, but now we have to wait to Captain Marvel in 2019 to introduce new Super Heroes that will appear in Avengers 4...

  • Bro according to somethings they say the avengers have the time stone at the end of the movie, this means that in avengers 4 they go back in time and defeat thanos and everyone lives.

  • They're not going to kill them off anyway. Gamora idk about but Spider-Man, black panther, doctor strange, starlord, groot, dead. They've all got upcoming movies.