Why do people have pleasure for seeing others fail?

  • When it comes to moments like people tripping, someone losing a game, or someone screaming and crying over a jumpscare, others think it is funny and make them feel more positive. Why is that? Tell me your opinions as to why people like to see others fail for their entertainment.

  • I don't; I want everybody to succeed. Life is not a competition.

  • Music Lovers

    @hermes Well, Tbh, I just feel it funny when the other person has been mean to me in the past or mean to others, even. But even then, Its just a momentary happiness and it goes away by time. In the end, I don't really want someone to fail at anything.

  • Gamers

    Homo homini lupus, A man is a wolf to another man...

  • That's a very interesting question and I'm not sure if I have the best answer to it, but here's what I think. People like not to suffer, so I think it is kind of comforting to see others in pain because you know it's not you and that you are safe. You basically realise that you are in a better situation than the other person.

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