My card got deducted thrice!!!

  • So I was buying souvenir shirts in one of the major malls of Cebu when my card got deducted THREE times. They didn’t do it on purpose, though. On the first two tries, they said there was an error but the third one went through successfully. I thought maybe it was just some connection issue or something because it was an international card.

    I didn’t think much of what happened and went back to the states without worries when the romance date tour event I attended ended. Come in of the month, I saw my statement of account and I can’t believe all THREE transactions got charged on ME! THREE TIMES!!! The total bill would amount to about $350 multiply that by three. I already called my bank. They said they’ll look into it and investigate what happened. Is there a chance I’ll have my money back? Was it the store’s fault or my card? I’m getting impatient and very frustrated with all of these.

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