We have a boolean function

  • Defined as F=A’B’C’+A’B’C+AB’C’+AB’C

    According to Boolean Identitities and laws:

    Using the rules A+A’=1 and A+A=A we get


    F=A’B’(1)+AB’(1) using the rule A(1)=A


    Using the distributive rule A(B+C)= AB+BC

    B’(A’+A) Using the A+A’=1 rule

    B’(1) Using the rule A(1)=A

    Final simplified expression is B’

    The logic gate diagram for this function would be:


  • @Tina The question was to simplify the boolean expression, F=A’B’C’+A’B’C+AB’C’+AB’C

    then draw a logic gate diagram for F=A’B’C’+A’B’C+AB’C’+AB’C

  • What is the question


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