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    I want a detailed explanation as to why people choose to be gay and don't tell me this is just how i feel or i was born this way because that's a load of crap. If you can't do that then go fuck your sheep and don't bother commenting. But if you do comment i want to know why you choose to go against everything knowing that your religion tells you otherwise, if you're an atheist then like most atheists you have a good understanding of how nature works and what goes where, so i have high hopes for hearing from some atheists, don't disappoint me. Have a good fucking day.

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    I was born this way. I don't care if that's not what you want to hear, it's the way it is, as simple as that.
    I'm bisexual and I've always known I was kind of attracted to bothe sexes.

    When I was small (7-8 ish), there's this movie I remember watching with my friends, that typical high school musical type and in it there was a lesbian couple. It was the first time I had seen a same sexe couple and when I was watching it, I remember thinking that it seemed just so natural to me. Then I started imagining myself being with another girl and I figured that I really liked the idea. Those fantasies were cut short however when the friends I was with at the time commented on how weird and disgust it was while we were watching the movie. We were just kids at the time and i guess it was a normal first reaction for them since they had never seen a gay couple and it was different to the love they were used to seing, but I on the other hand was totally down with it.
    I had actually been about to talk to them about it and how it seemed so nice to me, but after hearing them talk about it so negatively, I decided to keep quiet.

    After that I kind of rejected the idea of being attracted to the other sex and moved on, I was a kid anyways so it didn't really change much.

    When I finally got to high school however is when I really started to question my sexuality.
    When I say question here, I mean that I didn't know myself well enough yet to know that I was bi. I did not gradually turn bi or decide one day 'hey, what if I tried being with girls? who knows, might be fun!'
    No. I've always been bi and people who are gay were born that way, it just takes time for some of us to figure it out for ourselves. You seem to think otherwise, but come on, who are you to know?

    My high school is an all girls school, so it was pretty easy for me to figure out that there were girls out there I was romantically interested in. I've had a short term girlfriend before who was les and had already done her coming out, but I've never done mine. Never told my friends, never told my family, she's the only one in my surroundings who has ever known.

    I stumbled on TWS randomly, but the reason I stayed was because there's a part of the community I've slowly started to love. It's the only place where I've talked about my sexuality with others, gay or not, and have in general received a lot of support.
    I see it as my way to kind of test the waters before I come out irl, so I must admit that seing people talk like you do is fucking discouraging.

    I didn't fucking choose to be bisexual, but if I meet a girl who I love and am happy with, then I believe it'll have been worth it, wether the people around me will have accepted it or not.

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    @sumof1 said in Stop being gay - I will not put a longer title TWS:

    @thestrangest Ok so you gave me a long ass answer, but listen here you blind fuck when the fuck did i ask for this?

    Oh wow. So your post was not meant for people to read or answer. How enlightening

    i said i want to know the evaluation phases that go on inside the mind of a person how they come to conclude it and why do they choose to live with and not change

    Hm 1st genetics cause behaviours that can't be changed consciously. That's kind of the whole point of the "It's genetic" argument

    2nd of all. The word "evolution" isn't mentioned 1 time in your post and noone can conclude from reading what you said that you were asking for an evolutionary explanation for the existence of homosexuality. Homosexuality was a genetic mutation like all other aspects of the human genome and did not evolve in the human brain by conscious means, now after this mutation spread as humans continued breeding it somehow still survived even though gay people are really unlikely to reproduce, how did that happen you might ask, well here is an explanation by an evolutionary biologist:

    But what did you tell me? the definition of nature, what the fuck? then you talk about gay animals, again what the fuck? did i ask you tell me about animals?

    Hmmm your question was ambiguous as fuck so don't tell me that i gave an answer that had nothing to do with what you asked. I explained how homosexuality is 1. Natural(it exists by natural means in nature among all animals... THAT'S WHY I TALKED ABOUT ANIMALS RETARD) 2. Genetic 3456...Whatever you got the idea

    i think i know why though because you totally ignored my reply to catwoman where i said that i want the evaluation that happens inside the mind of a gay person, do i see that anywhere here?

    I DID NOT READ THAT. WHY WOULD I... YOUR MAIN QUESTION PRESUMABLY IN THE TOPIC or else you should have said in your topic "please read all the replies to previous people who tried to answer me before providing your own arguments" in the topic

    no i fucking don't.

    Well i just provided it.

    Try and read the question next time you edgy fuck, not to mention do you even know how to structure an argument?

    Ouuuu. Fuckboy wants to explain to me what theses are and how to write them leading to a conclusion

    you say 1st i will talk about this but you're talking about in the end, if i talked about all the flaws in your reply i would be here all day.

    Ouuu fuckboy doesn't realise that i talked about many different topics and the chronology of the assertions are not theses that lead to a conclusion therefore the order doesn't matter but the contents of the assertions do.

    All you've really done is copy paste useless information that i didn't even ask for

    Hmmm. Technically when you say that people chose to be gay that is an assertion that i can try to debunk with or without you having asked for a counter argument

    if you think writing a long response makes you right then you must be one dumb fuck

    Uhmmm. You do realise that this whole post is a big straw man argument because you aren't responding to any of my statements but instead making fun of how i wrote them or that you didn't want them in the 1st place. My arguments are valid as fuck and unless you point out fallacies then that means that they as far as i care are always valid

    next time you get triggered and your sensitive ass goes into a reflex arc take some time to re-read the question and give only what is asked for


    Moreover, when did i say anything about it being unnatural? did you just fucking assume i did?

    I said "IF YOU BELIEVE..." because you clearly think being gay is wrong for some reason and the most common argument given by people who think that is "it is unnatural"

    you just let google do all the explaining. Thanks for wasting my fucking time you twat.

    Hmmm. You do realise that all the things written in my last reply which were copied... were copied from previous debates and they are all MY ARGUMENTS. I didn't just google shit

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    @sumof1 said in Stop being gay - I will not put a longer title TWS:

    I want a detailed explanation as to why people choose to be gay and don't tell me this is just how i feel or i was born this way because a that's a load of crap.

    Well it is true that people are born gay, you just sound like "can somebody please tell me how the storks deliver babies? And don't tell me that babies come from sexual intercourse and that 9 months  after the male spermatozoon fertilises the female egg you get the baby, CUZ THAT'S A BUNCH OF BULL CRAP" Jigga, my point is that you sound stupid as fuck.

    (You don't have to watch this video and it doesn't necessarily have to do much with the arguments I'm going to prove next but it's a good one)

    If you can't do that then go fuck your sheep and don't bother commenting.

    Ouuuu. Mr. FUCKBOY is angry. Bitch shut the fuck up and talk nice because I'm not gonna be able to tell you anything whilst you are telling me to go fuck a sheep ok? I know how to be angry too, being angry doesn't make you more right.

    If you think being gay is unnatural well then you are wrong by the definition of the word unnatural.
    Definition of unnatural:
    "contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal."

    So since

    1 there are a lot of species that have homosexual behaviours in nature
    2 since being gay for humans is proven to be genetically caused by the X28q chromosome
    3 since we know being gay isn't a choice because of the fact that in 2015 a professor created an algorithm that can guess the sexual orientation of someone with 70% accuracy(I'm sure that in the past 3 years that percentage has improved tho)
    4 since being gay doesn't harm humanity because there is an overpopulation on earth
    5 studies in psychology do not agree that homosexuality is a mental disorder

    That means that being gay is not

    "contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal."
    But is natural
    Definition of natural:
    "existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind." (When you say people decide to be gay you mean that homosexuality is caused by human kind)

    So you are by definition are wrong if you say that "being gay is unnatural".

    The truth isn't a matter of opinion. If you disagree that's your right but if you actually want to prove me wrong you will have to prove these 5 things

    1 there aren't a lot of animals that have sexual behaviours in nature




    2 being gay as a human is a choice and not genetic and caused by the X28q chromosome


    3 being gay is a choice which isn't disproved by the fact that in 2015 a professor created an algorithm that can guess the sexual orientation of someone with 70% accuracy


    4 since being gay somehow harms humanity because there is not an overpopulation on earth


    5 that studies in psychology do agree that homosexuality is a mental disorder


    But if you do comment i want to know why you choose to go against everything knowing that your religion tells you otherwise

    Let me 1st talk about belief

    When we use the 2nd meaning of faith(from the definition of faith in the dictionary):strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

    Do you NEED faith to believe in your religion, as in, can you believe in your religion without faith?

    Usually the answer is no

    i didn't chose to be an atheist, it happened because i saw no sufficient evidence behind the religious claims, if there was evidence i would believe and of course faith is not a reliable pathway to truth since it can lead you to true and wrong conclusions with incredible inaccuracy so using it is useless

    Why use an UNRELIABLE PATHWAY TO TRUTH to believe that something is TRUE. I don't thank that's a good idea, i think you got my point

    Let me now talk about god and punishment

    If you are a typical homophobic theist then you believe that

    1st God sends people to hell including gays

    2nd god is all knowing(omniscient)

    3rd god created the world

    Freedom is an illusion in a world with or without god.

    If god knows everything before it even happened that means that everything is predetermined and that you have no choices in life but to follow what god already knows is going to happen and don't come at me with "god knows your fate but you can also change your fate" because If god KNOWS your fate and then you CHANGE your fate that means that god didn't know your fat fate therefore isn't omniscient.

    So god KNEW while he was creating the universe that certain people were going to hell before they even existed. And then he created them just so he can put them in hell forever. What a fucking asshole he is.


    (BTW this is kind of a modified version of this argument:


    0_1523095183986_Either-God-can-do-nothing-to.jpg )

    if you're an atheist the like most atheists you have a good understanding of how nature works and what goes where so i have high hopes for hearing from some atheists, don't disappoint me

    Oh I do not disappoint but be nice or you and your question can go fuck yourselves, you think only 1 person(other than me) responded to you so far because people aren't seeing your post? Hell nah they just don't want to waste time on a repugnant cuck

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    @wtfjudith Yes, please let me know.

  • @sumof1 have you even considered that maybe they are not the ones who are wrong?

  • -delete-

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    @laimon-rex shhh just let this post die
    Sumof is an idiot, gotta come in terms with it 😂

  • I'm not homosexual so I don't know if I can answer properly to your question. All I know is that when you love someone, it's not a rational choice, so being gay isn't something you choose but about how you feel and being true to yourself. Gay people usually have more difficulties than you and I have for expressing their feelings, they also face a society that criticizes them for their sexual orientation, and that in some countries sentences them to torture, years of prison or even death penalty, so you shouldn't despise them simply because you don't understand their sexuality.

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    @sumof1 I don't know when or why people started using "gay" as an insult but it's not okay.

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    @sumof1 sorry i found some mini errors that you probably didn't notice and fixed them. If there is something you didn't understand in my last post you can reread it now

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    @sumof1 said in Stop being gay - I will not put a longer title TWS:

    @thestrangest holy shit you're actually retarded, once again you failed to answer what the post was asking for, and you not reading the previous comments is your fault.

    You didn't say that they contained anything important i need to hear so it is your fault. Maybe they were just a constant repetition of the words "ASS" and "TITS"

    Do you just start pasting your response whenever you see the words 'gay' and 'wrong'?

    Bitch. What do you want, is there even a specific thing you want to know or are you just bashing gays for the sake of bashing gays. I don't get it

    or do you actually look at the thread?

    I read what you say and i add what i conclude is useful input, when a person asks for something they don't say half of what they are asking for 1st then the rest when someone responds

    I don't want to know what nature you autistic feminist

    Hmmm. "What nature you autistic feminist" what nature? What nature? Is it just me or does the structure of your sentence make no sense. Even more i am not autistic nor a feminist(as in feminazi but otherwise i support Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Malala Yousafzai type feminism) but i guess you're just using those as insults

    You really are just copy pasting

    To copy paste from YOURSELF instead of re-writing shit is not wrong. Why would it be?

    you don't even use conscious thought

    How does a person not use conscious thought in an argument, i don't think that's even possible

    You just link to videos and articles how is that not letting google or the internet in general do your explaining for you?

    BITCH, i can just hear the video and write what the guy is saying but that takes ages, i already know what Richard Dawkins says in the 1st video and that he reiterates a bit more in the second, you asked for an explanation on how homosexuality evolved to be included in the human genome and Richard Dawkins answered. Want me to summarise what he says in the video? Tell me, otherwise I'm not gonna waste my time copying word for word what he says because you don't want to watch a fucking video

    unless ofcourse you're one of these scientists but based on what i've seen so far i doubt it.

    if someone isn't a scientist and is talking about shit he's heard from scientists then it's just as good

    And again there's countless grammar and spelling mistakes which automatically makes you less credible and makes me question whether i should even waste my time on you.

    1st my sentences are clear enough for you to understand everything and my grammar doesn't make me a less credible source of information. How does that even make sense? That's just an ad-hominim

    2nd Go ahead point out some errors, i don't think there are any which can't be explained by, 1st look at your keyboard(mine is a smart phone keyboard), then look at the out of place letter in the misspelled word, then see if the right letter is right beside it, yes it is so it was just a miss click. Or it can be auto correct, why is this shit important? This has nothing to do with the validity of my arguments

    When you talk about debunking BITCH when the fuck bitch

    I debunked the assertion that being gay is unnatural and bad by providing a valid argument

    when the fuck did i ask you to debunk this shit?

    Do you think i care if you ask or not? You don't think being gay is ok, which means i can provide arguments for why it's ok

    and how the fuck do you debunk an opinion?

    It being an opinion doesn't make it free from criticism. Some opinions are just wrong. Ex:"i believe that black is a colour" believe it or not that opinion is wrong

    Is it so hard to get an actual response and not some copy pasted crap

    You know that i could just have rewritten things i said before just as they are without copying them and that would change literally nothing. Lots of things being copy pasted from somewhere doesn't change anything, that's just called research.

    and you say that you copy paste it from your previous arguments how the fuck does that even work?

    Me-have debate
    You-start new similar one
    Me-recycle things i said in the last debate

    are all these questions the same? You're just some dumb twat.

    Yeah your questions are pretty basic and by the way even if i was a dumb twat(which I'm clearly not) that doesn't change the validity of any of my arguments, what you continue to provide are just textbook cases of ad-hominim and strawman fallacies

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    "I want a detailed explanation as to why people choose to be gay"

    And I've shown you enough evidence for you to understand that homosexual is not a choice, ok.

    That question is, might i add, followed by

    "and don't tell me this is just how i feel or i was born this way because a that's a load of crap."


    This quote captures this situation perfectly:

    0_1523450035293_sam-harris-appealing-to-scientific-values (2).jpg

  • He also whines on other pages ,about his shitty ass post...
    someone really wants attention...

    0_1523471916822_2018-04-12 00_07_03-DOES PHYSICAL BEAUTY MATTER IN DATING_ _ Free Chat Rooms Online - StrangerBook -.png

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    @sumof1 Why does someone's sexuality concern you?

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    @sumof1 Being gay is not something people choose to do, it just happens.

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    @sumof1 jeez you're right. There are many errors i spotted. That's just because I'm angry and typing fast as hell, there are no other debates in which i was this angry in the past 1-3 months. Anyways all the errors i spotted in my last post are gone. Go ahead and respond if you want

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    @sumof1 said in Stop being gay - I will not put a longer title TWS:

    @thestrangest once again your reading skills hold you back, it says that in place of drank, it's not incorrect, in the past, it's a past tense form. that's what your link says as well you just happen to be blind

    The irony is that you misread that because you don't even understand what you're reading. Now enjoy the fact that the first 3 sites (and probably 80% of the sites after that) say I'm right

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    Ok, so this post has 6 fucking pages of 101 replies. You heard it right.

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