Should I get a knife and kill myself already?

  • I wanna chooke myself to death. id love to do that but, every time asphyxiation makes me realize that im doing a mistake...why should "I" suffer because of them? and my hands automatically stops. But the vituperation they does is so fucking nasty that it kills me from inside each time. How many more time i have to die?? why cant i run away from this place? Cuz the frustration and detestation inside me for them is expanding even more. I want to eliminate them or wreck their existence. I want to see their dead face, sleeping forever. Wish the fire of hell blaze up their body and they cries for mercy. Though those terrorizing memory they gave me is not even close to this. They should tolerate even more! The only way to see me smiling from the bottom of my heart is to see them dead. But, Oops! changing again.. i dont care anymore the bullshit they says, i really dont give a fuck anymore. everything matters to me is friends. But the way they deceived me is revolting. Thinking of that makes me feel nauseous. I only had them in my life. But R.I.P. cuz they betrayed me badly.


  • @blooddrunk I know about those kind of people, for sure
    . Thanks for your support, too.
    Well, at least till the time I don't know if they are trolls, I think I'd like to help.

  • @girlwhois16 That's a good thing you're doing and I encourage such, but you have to have in mind there are trolls, scammers, people that don't care, people that want to upset everybody, and your effort toward preventing it is in vain.
    Good luck anyways if you proceed with trying to stop such.

  • @blooddrunk Well, a lot of people look up to Internet for finding support because they can't get it in real life. So, I just want to help and protect them.

  • @girlwhois16 Welcome to the internet, a place where people don't take you seriously, and you shouldn't, too.

  • I want to tell all the people here who are calling her Coward and all those derogatory terms,
    Me, @TheStrangest or @Willoww NEVER EVEN ONCE have supported the girl's suicidal thoughts.
    And instead of fucking calling her "Coward" and shit, just remember: Suicidal people are much much braver than the entire human population. Even in the worst situations, we get up, we rise above all the hatred we have for ourselves. Yes, we do it with the support with of our family, friends, therapists, and psychologists but it takes our fragile will power to come back and decide that we want to live on. We are so "weird" that you can call us out with the world's ugliest curses, we would just laugh it off and go away but the self-hatred can make us contemplate suicide. This self hatred is usually because of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and so on. If someone's struggle or pain disturbs you and you can't help them, step away and KEEP QUIET. Don't go on fuelling the pain that has brought them to such consequences.
    Killing oneself is WRONG. But calling them out for that is WORSE. Suicidal people need emotional support They need help to see the good side of the life. They need people to make them realise that there is life beyond all that they are going through. They need someone to sort out their problems.
    If you don't know how to help, it's okay. Just keep distance and don't say anything at all. Check out the internet to see how you can help them, if you really feel like helping them. I'm asking out because we perceive things differently. A suicidal person might take your words(you assumed that would help) rather very differently. Like @sup that day told me, he was calling her Coward so that it hits her and she becomes strong. Well for that, it might work for you @sup but for suicidal people, it doesn't.
    JUST HELP HER and if You can't, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • @blooddrunk bless you

  • @iinutellaii Eat

  • @blooddrunk Blood would you rather talk or juggle

  • @iinutellaii ha

  • @blooddrunk Fuck you hey siri blood

  • @thestrangest ok, bye.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @kyra-white got to go

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @kyra-white said in Should I get a knife and kill myself already?:

    @thestrangest Umm... Did you just call me a guy?

    I was talking about sup since he's the one that said she's a coward first. I don't know what gender you are tho

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @kyra-white said in Should I get a knife and kill myself already?:

    @thestrangest By the way, do you have any personal experience with suicide? (have you ever tried killing yourself?)

    Once, I've also been suicidal for a long time. Gotta sleep bye

  • @thestrangest Umm... Did you just call me a guy?

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @kyra-white a "don't do it" from a person you love is a lot more useful than a "you're a coward" from a stranger or a person you dislike, now I'm sure that if you say so a "you're a coward" from a person close to you would've been helpful but the point is, it depends on the person saying it and i definitely don't think the guy calling the girl a coward knew enough to assume that such a statement wouldn't just be received as hurtful and derogatory since this was this girl's first post

  • @thestrangest By the way, do you have any personal experience with suicide? (have you ever tried killing yourself?)

  • @thestrangest It would have been better than the typical "don't do it".


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