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    Well I always wanted to run away from all the studies and examinations . I always wanted that when I wake up from sleep , I would be in the future kind of .... If this thing happens , may be when I wake up , I would become a famous person , well settled in life , earning a lot of money and may be happily married ... I would be in a big apartment , possibly my dream apartment . It would be like a real DREAM come true !!!!! But now I feel like I don't want this to happen , I know that it will never happen but then too ....
    I have realised that if I suddenly reach the future , I'll miss all the school fun , college fun , board exams , NTSE , JEE and the excitement of results , my relationships in the coming 10-12 years , my first kiss , my farewell party , college prom , job interview and even my wedding perhaps .
    And today I suddenly realised this fact coz we really had a lot of fun at school and I want that fun to continue till it can continue , I don't want it to end like suddenly .😊
    Btw , how will you feel if you sleep and when you wake up you would have reached 2030 suddenly???? Are you likely to freak out ????
    Well I would totally freak out if this ever happens !!!!!😨😨

  • You would be old i guess

  • @calisthenics Yeah I would be old but what about you ??? Would u freak out ?????

  • Well Hell Yeah !

  • Ofc i would be old and ofc i would freak out as fawk lol

  • Ofcourse one is likely to freak out!
    So i Get out of the bed and go in the balcony only to see a black dusty sky and smoke everywhere and everyone wearing some robotic mask...
    And ohh!
    Mom rushes to hand me my mask..
    And there is some machine flying inside the house ..
    And I'm like what is going on

  • @sammy i guess u also saw that 2030 video 😁 , i forgot about that video , now i remembered !!!!! Thanks for reminding me that i have 2 search for that vid on youtube 😊

  • @sammy or you could be WALL-E or EVE

  • What would happen if i wake up in 2030?? Interesting!
    Umm I'll be 27 years old so 12 precious years of my precious life will be gone like zzzzzooooommmm
    i'll not freak out(ok, for just a few secs) cos im pretty good in adapting to situations.
    I'll explore
    Try out stuff
    more explore
    Watch new(future) movies
    I'll live mah new life to the fullest and miss mah old life, sadly.

    PS-nice question tho

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    Well obviously I'll freak out because I'll be 30 and that's 12 years of my life gone, and in those 12 years a lot of stuff could have happened and I'll have missed it all. Also, I would be 30 and unmarried cause I missed the chance to find a love, and I'll have no job cause I never graduated college? That would be the weirdest thing ever.

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    hmm a notice to all those people waking up in 2030, you are not moving any of those limbs of yours after sleeping for 12 years, so go back to sleep or something :3

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    @sup Thanks 😊

  • @sup i don't get it?

  • @sammy Its a must watch movie. WALL-E. See it then you can relate.