• I had been staying at a hotel down the road and I was planning on driving down to my next destination. It's like I was driving in Canada but I was driving on the left and it was India all around me in between the destinations it seems.
    Shortly after starting I had to stop by the side of the road and for some reason I was using a big foldout map rather than a GPS or phone. I wasn't wearing anything inappropriate or sexual.
    This truck came up from the other side of the road and stopped in front of my car. The driver was insistent that I come and help him and I didn't notice 3 other men get out and surround me. I realised but too late and as I was trying to get between them to my car they kept blocking me, touching me.
    I was terrified and my pitiful screams were falling on deaf ears as people just watched me being taken as if there was nothing wrong with it. I tried in vain to struggle against them but they held me tight. One guy holding my arms behind me as another held my legs while the last touched me.
    Somehow they decided not to rip my clothes off just yet and for that I thanked god silently with tears streaming down my face.
    We stopped and they took me out of the truck. It looked as if we were surrounded by paddy fields. I tried to scream and was rewarded with a tight slap across the face for it. It had stung. The guy holding my legs had let go and I started doing the SING procedure from miss congeniality. First with the guy holding my arms and then with each of the guys after that. I was thankful for wearing the waterproof boots now as I ran through the fields, tears streaming down my face and my clothes torn.
    I somehow made it to the car and due to the keys falling under the car during the initial struggle I was able to get in and get down the road before turning down a quiet lane and pulling over. I got out of the car and walked a little bit until I heard the sounds of water running and a guitar being strummed.
    I wandered up wrapped in my jacket from the car and found an old man sitting there strumming a guitar next to a water feature which was next to his wife's grave.

    That was when I woke up.

  • @ms_e that's a crazy, yet not crazy enough to be unbelievable nightmare. Those are the worst because they are harder to realize you're dreaming at first. It seems to have left an impression since you remembered it so well. You kind of seem to be worried about a few things that have been going on in your life recently, and your mind gave you the "wake up call" and carried you away. Hehe dream pun.

  • @us-poet yeah. I haven't been able to sleep after that. Urgh. It was just so vivid that I actually felt scared after I woke up and I could feel tears pricking at my eyes. Guess I'll need to work myself out.

  • I've had quite many nightmares,not of your subject matter... but like horror,gore & death ..even had sleep paralysis once..

    The feelings & emotions are very very real ..sometimes i cant even go back to sleep anymore,i just light the room & stay awake..

    ...i've even had sad dreams where from i woke up & realized that i had cried in my sleep on my pillow.

    screw anyone who tells me,they arent really real ..i know that genius
    ...but the feelings are very real,your mind certainly believes it's real when it's happening...it's real enough for me.

  • @stranger_danger how do you deal with it, if at all?

  • @ms_e Ya I've managed to live with it now, It's a silly way really..

    By writing it down & using it as inspiration for my novels..

    It started with not being able to sleep & staying awake for the night.

    See, I always wanted to write horror but never could because i couldnt really visualize the atmosphere (sci-fi or comdey is easy but horror settings are somewhat more difficult)

    lo & behold ,my own mind decides to help me by creating the best inspiration...by putting me directly in a nightmare !!

    Instant horror ...

    I get up on bed & write words in my google notes on my phone while waiting for sleep to come again..

    Repeated exposure & a particular routine has managed it somewhat..

    My routine - I wake up from nightmare & in the minutes that i remember it ,I write it down,i focus on what scared me ,the charecters,the environment etc..... maybe after gasping & cursing a couple of time ... somethings just dont seem scary anymore when you wake up .

    doing this for a number of times will build up a sort of resistance..you will still feel scared in a dream but after getting up its effect will be lessened really quickly.

    Later , I even created a few psychological triggers to avoid nightmares ,like keeping shoes inside the sleeping room or finding a way to block the view of the mirror from where I'm sleeping ...

    If i do not do any of these that night i can guarantee that night i will have a nightmare ,no exception

    ...usually,Now i dont remember anything after sleeping,but if i keep a shoe or dont block the mirror ,then i'll trigger my psychological triggers ,be anxious about having a nightmare & consequently have a nightmare.

  • @stranger_danger I'd love to see some of your writings sometimes. I love horror writing. HP Lovecraft is my favorite author.

  • @us-poet Mine too dude

    The unknowable one
    ..the priest of the old ones
    ...the lost city r'lyeh
    ..the Harbinger of madness ,the one & only Cthulu ..

    ..the universe ,one among the many eyes of Yog-Sothoth..Beyond ken,beyond understanding.

    Lovecrafts atmosphere is awesome ,the stories are epic ..monsters against whom there is no winning,simply glimpsing is madness ..you can only delay them & even then you lose..

    The gods are dead ,but even dead gods dream &... things happen..
    Praise be to the old one .

    That dude really knew how to write gripping stories.He brought a new direction to horror.

    Great to see another fan.Most people dont even know him. Truly a shame.


  • @stranger_danger thank you, that was very informative.
    I can't remember the last time I've had such a vivid nightmare or dream so at present I'm putting mine down to a multitude of stresses and things worrying me in my current state but I will be sure to try and be aware of any stimulants or triggers if it does happen again.

  • @ms_e No problem .

    keep your waking life happy & so too will your nights be free.

    I put my difficulties down to my long 6 year episode with depression & the then ongoing difficulties in real life ...now I'm happy & they dont usually happen but still i continue avoiding the triggers simply because they became routine & a part of life for so long

    Hope you become free of your problems.
    I'll be cheering for you .
    :victory_hand_light_skin_tone: :victory_hand_light_skin_tone: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: