• Hey so guess what yall! News flash! I cheated! What wow big shocker! 😱😱 but you know what thats all I ever do I lie I cheat I steal and I'm damn good at it, and the only reason why I wanted mod is I wanted to stick up for the people around here that get other peoples shit, like trolling, bullying, harassment whatever it is, cause aint no one doing a damn thing around here about it! And yeah I'll probably get banned for this but who cares it was worth it, seriously y'all "leaders" of this shit site y'all need to actually pay attention to people and be like hey this ain't good. But y'all dont care at all so. And y'all can give me as many down votes as you want I don't give a fuck. So I guess this is probably goodbye seeing how I will more than likely get banned for speaking my mind. Y'all were great! Hats off!

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    @boots22 you wont get banned for voicing your opinion. Nor will the topic be deleted.

  • @willoww I'm sorry I'm simply saying someone gotta pick up the slack around here. I've seen plenty of amazing people leave cause they were hurt by this site.

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    @boots22 its not “slack”. Thats what makes this topic like “eh”. I have too. In case you didnt notice, i stand the same as you.
    Trolls suck.
    Horny suck.
    Lotta people here suck.
    And i get it. You are tryna throw it in my face because we have fought.
    And even tho you are pissed at me, you also know me quite well.
    If i had the power to do shit, ou know I would.
    So clearly this is just gonna have tk go under the “tws reviews” section.
    This “slack” does not come from mods. Because even if you became one, there is still rules/requirements you have to follow. And despite your attitude towards our bans, bans arent just tossed out. unfortunately admin has its own separate rules sections just for mods.
    Dont talk shit about people that you cant completely understand their point of view on

  • @willoww I know you would I'm nothing trying to say anything about you, most of the mods here I know them and they want change but it's directed towards someone else.

  • ABOOBS Banned

    You are god damn right.