• Part two of things you may not understand if its not for you. Just answrr the question and dont pay attention to the post

    1. Open arms. I dont know how many times I can stress how much I appreciate you accepting me. Not listening to what others say, not turning your back, not denying me. But instead opening your heart for someone like me.

    2. Your poetry. I love love love waking up every morning to see a beautiful text about our love. I love all your poems on TWS and all the freestyles you used to send me.

    3. Thoughtfulness. Ive never met someone who was so considerate of the small details like you. You never miss the small things that will make me smile for decades. Small texts throughout a busy day, vid messages, random pics, beautiful poems. Every. Single. Little. Thing. Im addicted

    4. Your cute greetings. I will never forget your first โ€œyowโ€. It wasnt a formal mod hello. But was always, yow, heyo. Yo. Bishhhh. Things that still make me laugh

    5. Your thought out goodbyes. Every goodnight makes me feel okay to sleep. Every time its time to part, Im sent away with thousands of hearts, kisses, and I love youโ€™s. Almost makes me want to stay and talk to you a little longer.

    6. The reputation you uphold. Yes yes bish. Im talking about your major successes including topics, replies, and tutorials. Your dedication has shined through

    7. Movie tastes. Animations baby, superhero movies. None of the boring shit or scary movies. Because bishhhhh, thats one thing that makes us so perfect for each other.

    8. Not a care in the world about religion, race, age. You see past so many damn things. You recognize that love is beyond that.

    9. Crossing an ocean. Once again showing your dedication, i admire everything about your plan. I admire your strength and faith that everything will be fine. Going across the world for an education. Coming across an ocean to finally be with me.

    10. Intelligence. I dunno about you. But if you were stupid, it would really suck. You know that you shouldnโ€™t speak about things you dunno. But yet you have so many actual subjects to discuss. You have random facts that always make conversations interesting.