• I’m looking for new artists to listen to, who do you guys recommend?

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    Ehhhh I'm bored and it's the weekend i don't care that I'm not support to be using TWS. Let's see

    @t-junior if you aren't familiar with the underground rap scene then check out BONE$(And anyone from SESHHOLLOWATERBOYZ A.K.A. teamSESH in general), GHO$TEMANE, POUYA, $UICIDEBOY$, POUYA, SPACEGHO$TEPURRP(and the whole raider klan). I don't really fuck with their shit but i heard that the whole A$AP mob is dope, I've also heard that Tyler The Creator and Chance The Rapper and lil peep (R.I.P.) specifically his lesser known songs are good. You can also check out Rich Chigga/Rich Brian, lil dicky, 21 savage, XXXTENTACION, Trippie Redd and for other oldschool rappers Mobb Deep, N.W.A.(and all the people in it separately along side Snoop Dogg), wu-tang clan, tupac, biggie, Eminem has really good unknown songs like Beautiful... Kendrick Lamar is cool (Humble, D.N.A., M.A.A.D. City...) Logic is pretty cool, you might also like deep ass rap songs from joyner lucas, an oldschool dope story teller is Immortal Technique and though he is for specific types of people you can check out Greydon Square, he's my 2nd favourite rapper and the deeper you go into his completely unknown songs the more you'll enjoy him if his rap is your type.

    A loooooot of these rappers have collaborated with each other too and when they do it's awesome

    Wow writting this made me tired maybe I'll go into other genres later

  • @thestrangest yo thanks for this G🙏🏾I know some of these guys and others are completely new to me, I’ll definitely look them up.

  • @t-junior you're welcome

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