• I recently found out a year prior to my wife and I getting married that she slept in the same hotel room with her ex boy friend as well as other people and slept in the middle of the beds and did not hook up with him, my intuition is telling me something happened but she states nothing happened....Thoughts?

  • Bueller?

  • @interested That's a scary scenario to discuss openly here, imagination triggers assumptions and that can be very dangerous for both parties. Its really hard to know anything without proof of what you think she did, but its no use ignoring it so i advice you to talk it out with her more and if that still doesn't work then leave it to time. Investigate if you're able because it really helps you, the sooner you closure about this the better you feel honestly.

    I was cheated on, 4 years relationship out the window caused by her 1 night in Boston with some dude. I wish i found out earlier so i could end it. That's just me throwing out my experience, but it could be very different for you so keep trying to figure what you need to do.

    Good luck with everything, hope things will go smoothly for you.

  • Thanks for your meaningful well spoken input, it is very much appreciated.