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    Just bc I'm a nosy and curious little fucker. 🙂

    Personality: Personally, I'd look for someone who's reliable, loyal, intelligent, honest, and kind.
    They should also probably be agreeable. I'd want them to be able to own their flaws.
    I mean, why not? We all have them.

    Looks: As for looks, I couldn't really give an eff, though I have a thing about eyes.
    When someone has really beautiful or kind eyes, I just wanna talk to them.
    Something else I really adore is a good sense of style. I like when someone puts effort into the way they look, and if they're able to keep up with trends and all that.

    Lifestyle: Obviously I'd go for people who do the same sort of thing as me.
    I've dated two people in my lifetime, and they've both been either models or dancers.
    It's pretty hard to have close friends that are students because they're always so involved with studying. I've also never had a relationship with someone from the USA, although I live there. Idk why, it isn't a preference.

    ...I kinda swear a lot in this oops
    Byeeeeee, my beautiful babes. Have a good day, eat some ice cream.
    -Saphy xx

  • So my ideal guy is gonna be fucking awesome first of all!
    He's passionate about life, highly focussed on his goal, is modest, has moral values.
    He's loyal and deeply committed in loving me..
    And no neither of us are cheating or playing mind games or into passive-aggression..
    Looks? Tbh does not matter!
    Personality? Fucking Awesome
    Sense of humour? Has to be top-class!
    He has to love animals because ima have 2 dogs
    I basically crave soul connections before physical connection..
    Yeah ik i'm old thanks✌😀

  • @Lucifer_ @jynextremist
    I know its hard to imagine a guy as such because thats a lot of opposite to guys these days!
    But i do believe there is a small portion of such gentlemen out there!
    And if there is no one as such...
    Then.... Umm..
    Then i'm fine anyways

  • Gamers

    @sammy thats a total of, let me count, 1 2 3... a total of 7 or 8 guys you are talking about right there :DD

  • @sammy Its going to be hard to find someone like that.
    But best of luck!

    P.S: Can anyone qualify if he/she has like half or some of those qualities???

  • @thegoddess someone who is loyal sweet whom promise to love no matter what past they had and also i don't mind about the outer appearance all i care about is the personality

  • @thegoddess someone sweet kind accepting that's a biggest thing you have to be accepting of my flaws I have to be accepting of their flaws and you know is hard you know you think will would be okay but if you're not accepting of other people

  • Gamers

    @sammy awww, you are so cool :OO

  • @jynextremist
    You think? Aww.. 😂😂
    Thanks dude

  • caring and respectful

  • Banned

    @thegoddess My ideal guy is really sweet and probably spoils me. He should be daddy af cause I'm a twink and he shoud be dominant. Also curly hair is a plus and he should be fit.

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