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    Well, Im getting back into scene-set question. So just...roll with it.
    Good morning Beautiful. Its officially 8 am, time to get up and start the day. You wake up and toss your covers back.
    What color are your favorite pajamas?
    As you drowsily walk around, you pull open your closet door and peer in, time to get dressed.
    Describe your favorite shirt
    Once that is complete, you head downstairs to get some breakfast and something to drink
    What is your favorite breakfast food
    If you had to choose one, would you rather mix three juices (which kind?) or have to drink water for the rest of your days on earth?
    You sit down at the countertop and scroll through your phone, responding to text messages, taking ugly selfies to send to your bestie on snapchat. Then you end up on TWS.
    Who is the first user you pm, and/or the first thing you find yourself doing
    Now that your morning routine is complete, you hop in the car and get ready to drive to your favorite place
    On the way there you turn on the radio and spend the majority of your day jamming out to music, and sing along to your favorite song .

    So, if you didnt catch all the questions:
    1.What color are your favorite pajamas?
    2. Describe your favorite shirt
    3.What is your favorite breakfast food.
    4.Would you rather have to mix three juices (which ones) or drink water for the rest of your life?
    5. What is the first thing you do when logging into TWS/ Who is the first person you pm?
    6. Favorite place
    7. Favorite song

    Now that it is all done, its 6 am and Im going back to bed 🤟🏽

  • @willoww good morning!

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    @tanyian slams pillow over head I just need ten more minutes so I can somewhat function. But good morninggg
    good mornin

  • @willoww haha I’ve been up all not no sleep and I’m my brain on vacation

    1. Color of my favorite pajamas: red and grey
    2. My favorite shirt is a slightly worn-out grey t-shirt with a faded California flag on it.
    3. Favorite breakfast food: a plain bagel with cream cheese (and I occasionally top it with a bit of bacon. )
    4. I would rather drink a cranberry, raspberry, and grape juice mix for the rest of my life, than water.
    5. First thing that I do when logging into TWS: Check out any resent posts.
      6.Favorite place: (other than home) the library
    6. Favorite song: Either "One Foot" by Walk the Moon or "Believer" by Imagine Dragons
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    @willoww you know i feel too lazy to answer all that in the morning :3 and its 5pm here btw :p

  • @jynextremist It's 3:56 am where I am.

  • @jynextremist bish I typed a post, i deserve some answers -_-

  • @jackie-green 😳 gurlllllllll go to bed

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    @willoww yup and a very long one too, i will try to answer soon :P
    alt text

  • @willoww Yeah, I should. I get a bit carried away when I'm studying, I should've gone to sleep 30 minutes ago.

  • @jynextremist little bishhhh 😭😭😭😭

  • @jackie-green heloo, go to bed, its toooo late :p

  • @jackie-green pulls sheets over my head. well i study late sometimes too,but sleep important, so hop to it :)

  • good morning @willoww 😊
    so, 1. i dont have any fav pyjamas
    2. oversized t-shirt
    3. rice and chicken nugget/ sausages
    4. i prefer both, but if i have to choose. its would be drink water
    5. the first thing i do when logging on tws is see notif and see the user online
    6. fav place i dont have, i prefer stay at home
    7. korean song or jazzy

  • @willoww It's Sunday tomorrow, so I'm ok, but I should go to sleep now.

  • @tehkotak woah, which korean song you listen to ?

  • 1)My favourite pyjamas are camouflaged in colour because I like chameleons
    2)My favourite shirt is my Barcelona Jersey (no.10) and Man U(No.32). ANY BARCA FANS?0_1518958536379_barcelona-ay1213.jpg I have that one but i always wanted this one

    3)Aloo Paranthas, you guys don't know shit bout aloo paranthas.They are so delicious!!
    4) I'll mix coke with lime soda and sprite and i hope it turns out good.
    5) The first thing I do is check notifications because I rarely have messages :/
    6)Obviously sweet home :)
    7)Favourite Song rn -

  • @jynextremist all of them lol i meant a lot especially kpop

  • @willoww

    1. I don’t have favorite pajamas
    2. My favorite shirt is a charcoal colored shirt with a Minnesota Vikings logo
    3. A breakfast bagel sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese
    4. I have nothing against water, but I love pineapple, orange and mango juices mixed
    5. I don’t really have anyone to pm on TWS so I check my notifications first
    6. My favorite place aside from home is anywhere where I’m with friends or family so that’s where I’d go, wherever the day takes me
      7)My favorite song now is “Lay me down” by dirty heads or anything else with a chill vibe