• Freedom Writers

    Black 'n white,

    White 'n black.

    Hazy sight.

    This pressure is pushing me back,

    Back on a cliff.

    Don't know if I missed,

    My chance.

    Think I missed the light.

    Do what you will,

    Put me behind bars.

    Dress me in stripes,

    For years I've searched.

    Searched this empty road,

    Carrying this heavy load.

    Load of this life,

    It's weighing me down,

    Down to the ground.

    It's midnight.

    The clock strikes and I'm struck,

    Stuck in this twilight zone.

    It's black all around,

    No ground.

    Where is the white,

    The light I'm searching for?

    So, this is the base of the song, I just made this and it's sooooooooo bad, but, eh, what the hell.

    Also, please don't copy this. As short a time it took me to make this and as bad as it is, I put effort into it. Besides, you copy it, your stealing... not that you would probably care, but whatever.

    And please vote and comment!

  • @anonymissvictor nice job, its definitely good so don't be discouraged and keep up the good work! Fighting 😁

  • @anonymous_me Thank You! 😄