Can I lie to you?

  • why or why not?

  • because ill know....and then you will have my wrath to deal with..ehehehe

  • @wonderful-killer I would like to suggest a book to you about this topic if you are interested

    It's "Lying" by sam harris. @Ragnar-Lothbrok is familiar with Sam since Sam has written a book called "a guide to spirituality without religion" and uploaded some parts of it on the Internet such as a 9 min meditation tutorial which he uploaded it to sound cloud and i recommended it to @Ragnar-Lothbrok and he liked it very much. "Lying" is a great book which i recommend that you buy because i couldn't find it to link you to it but i did find a record of a guy reading it but it's better if you buy the one where sam harris reads it by himself but here is the random guy reading it:

  • try me broh


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