• If your name and it's characteristics is in the dictionary, hypothetically, what would it say?
    reply it in one sentence. test to see if you can summarise yourself in one sentence and how better you do it
    P.S. donot use too many adjectives.

  • Ice king (the person) - a adjective to describe someone whom embodies most of the seven sins and has the uncannily stilted ability to have no perception on the value of other.

    Synonyms - egotistic, nazi, bad, evil, sinful, untrust-worthy, disconnected, soulless, heartless, selfish, self-centered, arrogant, isolated, prick, sod, moral-deprived and inhuman.

  • @ice-king lol, you think so high of yourself.haha

  • Well I did put such synonyms in the post.

  • @tanishqakri Literally, from the dictionary:
    1a : a predominantly fawn-colored Old World bird (Garrulus glandarius) of the crow family with a black-and-white crest and wings marked with black, white, and blue
    b : any of various usually crested and largely blue chiefly New World birds that are related to the common Old World and have roving habits and harsh voices
    2a : an impertinent chatterer

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