• I decided to join a singles tour to Cebu, Philippines by A Foreign Affair for this coming Jan. 25, 2018. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Philippine women; the fact that they’re family-oriented, loyal and great mothers definitely made me want to marry one.

    I want to make a great impression and succeed in this singles tour… I want to make my expenses worth it. So, I’m here to ask some questions: what are the things I should be expecting when being with a Filipina? What are the things I should be wary of? What are the things I shouldn’t do? I have much more to ask but for now, I could really use some answers to these questions. Help me succeed, please!

  • Hello! I am a filipino woman living in Australia and I used to live in Cebu so hopefully I will be able to help you out.
    Circumstances may vary but the info I'm going to tell you are the generic stuff.

    So, Once you're married to a filipino woman, that also means you are married to the whole family. We greatly value our extended family members especially our lolos and lolas. If you plan to live in the Philippines, expect neighbours or other members of the family to borrow money from you simply because they think of you as the dollar sign. Sorry if I have to drop the negative stuff right away but this is a very important "reminder". Of course not every filipino woman wants this to happen but this is just a heads-up. Also it is definitely something you would have to discuss thoroughly with your future filipina partner if you don't like the idea of being taken advantaged of by people who aren't immediate family members.

    Next, You can never say NO when the family offers you food. Sometimes they would be the ones to fill up your plate with more food! ✌

    Next, Filipino women are very reserved and most of the time they're very hesitant to say exactly what or how they feel about a certain decision that you two might have to come up with in fear that she might disappoint you with what she has to say. Tell her that it's okay to speak her mind so you two could weigh things up evenly. #win-win!

    These are the only things I could think of for now. If you do have any questions don't hesitate to drop a message. Best of luck on your journey! :)