I read the whole of ur point.
Life is unpredictable,u never knoe what next card will show.Their comes a point when u dont like anyone because the person whom u love the most,done everything to make them close to u ..leaves u.At that very moment u knoe u ll be in depression and definitely u ll think u wanna suicide.But suicide is only not the option.
I got a relation we talk but things are not at all same,One who was who is and who ll be in my priority list found me irritating.All i could do is walk away from her life and leave her alone promising in my mind i m always for her,i cant be pysically available as she ll found more irritating but can be my prayers ll work here for her.
People reading the post will found me fool i knoe but if u trully love someone she is thier or not doesnt matter but u will always be their for her