Which came first, a chicken or an egg?

  • How will you justify your answer?

  • A chicken of course

  • @imiliano93 how will u prove it

  • OK i will explain to you

  • Ohh, so many to choose from... hmmm; well; I suppose the chicken did, alphabetically speaking... in English that is...

    Chronological word/sound formation-wise? No clue, but I'm sure it can be searched, to possibly satisfactory approximation.

    In terms of biologically active, elemental material; perhaps one must consult both the "chicken", and the "egg", separately; and then together; because both are unknown potential liars, that we can never fully trust anyways.

    When it comes to perceptually symbolic references; one might consider visiting "the void", and contemplating the concept, of experiencing a linear progression of events, "contained" within an all present now-ness of no-time.

    When there are too many of either to count; not enough to go around; or a short-circuiting, internal process loop; in lieu of such a magnanimous preponderance... and it's becoming an issue; one might benefit from shifting focus back towards awareness of the body's natural breathing pattern, and that perhaps, partaking in such things, may not be in one's best interest.

    When it comes to came, it approaches already occurred, until it reverses in on itself, in a strange, double overlap, of auto-redundant, invertitude; at which point, both chicken and egg, de-materialize, implosionally; and one pops back to, in a plant-life based, poorly lit ass, setting-like place; with peculiarly posture-ating, peoples of paint-faced proclivitid-ness... proclaiming the power of pea-pie-poo, and the chicken egg stew; dem done came full circle... cock-a-doodle doo... The End... Beginning.

    Signed; The Eggy-Ass-Chicken. With help from, Humpty Dumpty, and Mother Goose... but there was no help; from the green ham hockin'; Doctor-Ass-Seuss.

  • You have to read the story of the prophet Noah , god ask noah to build an ark,
    After that God told Noah to bring the animals into the ark so god create a couple of every kind of animals God said to bring in two of some kinds of animals, both a male and a female. But of other kinds of animals, God told Noah to bring in seven. God also told Noah to bring in all the different kinds of birds. Noah did just what God said.
    That's how I can prove what do you think?

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  • @girlnextdoor well you have to have a chicken to lay an egg...so the chicken....but in order to have a chicken...you first have to have an egg....FUCK ENGLISH freak out

  • @GirlNextDoor egg because dinosaurs and prehistoric birds used to lay eggs before chickens came into existence.They laid eggs and somehow changed their form through generations because of evolution and thus became chickens.