• So, i was with this dude names Hunter for quite awhile. We were together for a lil over a year and a half. on our first date he called my best friend hot. and he said he only said it to make herself feel better because she was crying. and so i stayed with him and continued to trust him and then last week i found out he was cheating on me the ENTIRE time!! so ofc i went off and i blocked him and her and hit her at school. got suspended. it was whatever, and now hes begging for me back and i want to and i know i shouldnt but how do i get over him and be able to tell him no?

  • Ask yourself, do I want to be cheated on? Yes get back with him, no find another guy. You want to know how to get over him, another guy.

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    so he cheated on you from the start, get over him already then

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    • injects you with self esteem
      There you go! No more thinking a relationship filled with lies and one sided devotion is worth it. A year and half? How do you even know you weren't the side girl all along?

  • just ask politely and say no and give him another chance by starting as friends and earn trust again but not that fast.

  • @wendywendeline it's a 2 sided advice, on left hand it could be good with time but on the other hand he can use feelings she have for him to fast it up and do it all over again.
    I'd say no.
    cheater is cheater no matter how you spin it, who got the guts to do it once he/she can do it again but that doesn't mean there's no hope tho.
    In the end it's up to her!

  • U dont need an advice on this!! Just get over him !!!! He doesn't deserve ur love or time!! Undoubtedly ur gonna find a much better person!!
    Im saying this coz ive been through the same!! After the breakup.. she came back to me begging!! I accepted her ... she finally again came through to be cheating!! So beware!! Don go harsh on urself by accepting a cheat again!! Now... if u believe him tht very much!! Give it a try!! But don be soo close tht wen u incase find out he is cheating again you start killing urself from inside!!...

  • @andria Go back to him and you are in for another dissapointment.