Wtf is wrong with a majority of men?

  • Why do guys think that going on random chats is all for sexual release? Like fuck, I'm a guy myself, but it gets really annoying when I want to just come on here and advertise my mixer (, and almost every random chat I start has:

    1. The sex and age of the person as their name (i.e. m23, 20m, etc)
    2. The person disconnects because my name isn't a woman's username
    3. The first message is "m, you"
    4. I instantly receive a dick pic

    Seriously guys, even if this is anonymous, most women don't want that shit. You guys just need to spend some time actually getting into conversations about meaningful things, and then maybe you'll get your dicks wet.

  • Gamers

    well said dude, but i dont think they can realize that so easily

  • Gamers

    @godsey It’s not all the guys in the world, just those sad enough to have to get sexual release from anon chats

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