• Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years and he's working in another country. Lately we've been having fights about him spending too much time on his online games. It makes me feel like I am already begging for his time. It makes me feel like he would spend all his free time playing rather than talk to me. We're both working - he works mornings and I work nights and we both have weekends off. All I am asking from him is to at least spend his time on me duribg the weekends since we have different shifts during weekdays. He would always tell me that we already talk, chat and video call everyday and he is asking me if that is still not enough for me. Yes, we do chat everyday but he would respond to me like after 20 or 30 minutes and sometimes few hours because he's at work, and most of the time I am asleep from 9AM to 4PM. We only really get to chat on my way to work. Am I asking for too much????

  • As a guy my advice would be don't stop pushing him to give you more attention. Long distance relationships are really difficult to make it work and for guys when the lady is not around to satisfy some thirst we begin to lose interest. It's better to push him. If he really loves you he will put in some extra effort but please appreciate his efforts all the time

  • No ur not but some times people need space. I know nobody will agree with me but if u already talk to him every day then just talk to him like about an hour on the weekends.

  • @nasa7 why did i just feel like ur the bf?😂😂😂 wait!! R u?

  • @honeylemondew i dont think ur asking for much!! U chose him as ur bf and chose u as ur gf.. by this .. u gotta be spending much time 2gthr for moving this relationship forward!! Ive had such a situation... me n my gf live in diff cities.. we dont get much tym 2gethr... it ended up in a breakup.. we misunderstood(often i misunderstood) each other.. due to lack of conversation!! ... it ll be hard to take forward a relationship without conversation!! So i think... u r never asking much !!😊

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