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  • Who is this "Bezool"? And, what is this phrase "Wooga Wooga"? The google brings no relevant results for both. Is "Wooga wooga" referring to "Wogga Wogga", which is a slang used to refer Australians. I thought I was the only one who had no idea of what this is about but since no one else has replied, I guess no one does...

  • I thought that "Bezool" must be some kind username for someone in this site since you posted this under "Finding lost friends" but No one seems to have the username of "Bezool" in this site.

  • But why the "Maxime" tag? Is it referring to yourself? Or is this "Bezool" too a french?

    There seems to a user with the name "Maxime Beauchamp". But he was online for not more than a couple days and he was last online six months ago. So, I doubt you are referring to him.

  • So many questions..... So little answers.....

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    @sir-devil wooga wooga

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