Which anime to watch?

  • I just watched my first anime and I liked it (it was Vampire Knight) but, I can't seem to find a next anime because they all look shit to me, help me on this please. (Anime's on Netflix only) Thank you for your time

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    here are some more either way.

    <<death note>>. I have finished this one. It's great

    <<angel beats>>. I almost finished this one but then broke my PC. It's great

    <<one punch man>> i finished it,10/10 the best

    <<attack on titan>> i finished the 1st season 10/10

    <<GTO>> almost finished 10/10

    Here are some i heard are good but never watched

    <<texhnolyze>>, <<fairy tale>>, <<Psycho Pass>>,<< full metal alchemist >>, <<Code Geass>>, <<Darker than black>>, <<lupin the 3rd>>, <<ghost in the shell>>, <<samurai champloon>>, <<fist of the north star>>, <<jojo's bizarre adventure>>, <<durarara>>, <<berserk>>, <<gurren lagann>>, <<baccano>>, <<black lagoon>> and <<trigun>>

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    Is that enough

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @bompies It is noot a good idea to only watch anime on netflix. You should find a good free anime streaming website like https://9anime.to or whatever. There are a lot.

    Now for suggestions here are 10+(not a top 10) must sees, if you'll want more tell me.

    1. <<Cowboy bebop>> i didn't finish because of lack of time but it is the most important for you on this list

    2. <<Hellsing Ultimate>>. If you get obsessed watch <<Hellsing Ultimate>> watch the original<<Hellsing>> but in any case if you watch<<hellsing ultimate>> you have to watch<<hellsing ultimate abridged>> on youtube. I've watched all episodes of<<hellsing ultimate>> and<<hellsing ultimate abridged>> but not the original<<hellsing>>

    3. <<Erased>> finished it and it's great

    4. Basic Famous Shonen like <<Naruto>>, <<One Piece>>, <<Bleach>>, <<SAO>> and <<Dragon Ball (z) (super)...>>

    5. <Stains::Gate> i finished it and it's amAAAAZZZINNNNNGGG YAAAAAAAAS

    6. <<The Count Of Monte Cristo>> i didn't finish this one dough because i didn't have time

    7. <<Death Parade>> I've finished it and i love it

    8. Classic Horror/Psychological Thriller Anime Like <<Corpse Party>>, <<Shiki>>, <<Mirai Nikki>>, <<Another>> which is the best one and the only one I've fully finished and <<Aku no Hana>> which i never started but i heard is really good same for <<Ergo Proxy>>

    9. Epic Horror/Psychological Thrillers <<Elfen Lied>> amazing but it doesn't end in anime format. You'll have to finish it as manga or online manga. <<Paranoia Agent>> i didn't finish for lack of time but it's amazing. <<Higirashi no naku koro ni>> AMAZING but i didn't finish because of lack of time. <<Monster>> godly anime 10/10. <<Serial Experiments Lain>> didn't finish because of lack of time but it's the bessssssssstttttttt thing ever

    10. <<Zokyu no terror>> Finished it and i looooooooooooooove it. If you don't watch it at least check the soundtrack

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    @bompies @amron24 yeah u can find almost all animes in sub and dub on either kissanime or 9anime

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    i dunno if they are on netflix or not but death note and dragon ball series are lit

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    This post is deleted!

  • @bompies You will not find goon animes on netflix, watch one piece you can watch all episodes on kissanime.ru


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