Help Needed: Long term relationship breakup!

  • Today, my gf of 7 year relationship just left our home and this is the most difficult situation I have had in my life.

    2 weeks ago she just snapped and said she had no more romantic feelings about me but just cared. We have had a struggling life together and that is probably the reason she has lost her identity.

    I wanted to give her space but I didn't want to lose her forever. She is the one and my only love and it hurts so much at this point. She isn't sure she wants to follow this path and stay with me for the rest of her life.

    I dont know guys; I have been pretty strong emotionally but this experience is crushing me in a way I had never imagined.

    I have only her; no one else; she was and is my best friend and only friend and I dont know where to seek help.

    Anyone gonne through the same experience?
    Much appreciated!

  • @wave123 Hi ! I know how you feel, even if my relationship lasted 1 year and a half. My bestfriend and I, we fell in love for each other (btw we're both girls) but two months ago she said that she had a weird feeling. We did a little break and came back together after 3 days, but a month later she still felt weird and we did a break again for one month. But it turned out that she just didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. Because she wanted to grow up and figure out herself more and just be single. And I'm still in love with her, so it hurts a lot. We broke up a few days ago and I'm trying my best to recover. We're still best friends and we still talk very often. But it's hard, because I really thought that later we would live together, and that she was meant for me. And I still kinda hope we'll get back together in the future. I think your girlfriend wants the same thing than my girl, she wants to live alone, experience life on her own, because like you said you went through a lot together. And you can't do anything than leaving her do that. You have no choice and even if it's hard, believe me you'll get through it. Even if you feel like she was the one and you'll never find someone like her, you will move on. You have to experience life on your own too, and you'll fall in love again. It's okay to be sad as fuck, your relationship lasted for 7 years and you're still in love. But you'll see that you are strong enough to move on. People fall in love, break up, learn, move on. It's life and even if it hurts a lot it makes you stronger. Try to socialize with other people, meet new people, make friends, do things that you like, maybe a sport, music, art, anything. You need to be happy on your own. My girl told me "life is unfair, so just give her a big middle finger and say "I'LL MAKE ME HAPPY MYSELF, BITCH" and that's exactly what I'm trying to do and you should to. Don't worry, it takes hella lot of time, but you'll get through it !

  • @suniko Hi there. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I dont know what will happen and how things will turn but I will try to make myself better and win her heart again later.

    I dont give up that easily and I know what I have done wrong. Life is too long to be alone and worse, lose your soul mate. She still wants to talk to me and we"ll see how it will go.

    Lately, it makes me sad when I hear such stories happening to other people and your story too. It's just crushing to see people suffer from love damn it.

    Thanks again and cheers to our happinness!!!!

  • get her jelly @wave123


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