• Why every person in my life just wants me to put my self respect down ,like what did I do man???
    I am born is that the problem??
    I am getting sick everyday by crying every night cuz of each person I care the most just makes me feel like this,
    It's like I am born it's my mistake now, I already tried suicide, I am confessing this but I have family that is not letting me die and then there are people who r not letting me live whom I care the most after my mod and dad,
    If I try to talk then I am an attention seeker
    Lol no one wants to listen man everyone just making me realise how foolish being I am
    If I didn't do anything unintentionally, I need to justify it cuz I am wrong ,like how many times??
    And what should I do ?? Stop caring about people??? How should I do that , I am highly sensitive and overthinker, now some will think I am a sympathy gainer
    Bro I don't need sympathy, I cry overnights thinking about my people and how they r suffering, I try to empathize but I never met a single person in my life who did the same for me, who listened and empathized with me
    Just leave me alone, I can't bear emotional pain
    I can't even cry freely in my own house.
    My parents say you are a boy how why you are crying,you are weak and everything
    Yesss I am weak , but listen to me atleast,
    I don't even know what karma I am getting each day in my life , I don't even abuse anyone unless they start it first.
    I don't know, why it's happening what to do I know nothing

  • i'm here...if you're up for chatting, let me know!

  • @chapatijam thanks bro

  • @Codyy If they don't like you for being yourself , be YOURSELF EVEN MORE :)