• I've tried it, not for me. My friend is into it. Not sure how someone can juggle so many relationships. I think it's not natural, but whatever someone wants to do. I can care less how they do things in life. It's an interesting topic, however.

  • I feel like it would cause a lot of drama due to jealousy, etc. Someone might love one other person more than the other. They'd probably give them more attention than the other person because they don't feel as strong of a connection towards them and make them feel shitty (not saying they don't love them too, just saying they might love the other person more)
    I can just see it causing a lot of problems, and I don't think I could handle it.

  • I had a relationship with such friend. We met after 8 years of friendship, and we were in mutual agreement we "loved" each other in that way. We are both introverts. Do you know how our night went? No touching until I finally asked to cuddle her. Was the most awkward night of my life. I just wanted to be touched. I knew she had a fiancee. We knew we had mutual agreements towards what we wanted.
    I never even broke up with her LOL. We are still friends, however.
    Just not my cup of tea. I'm for men now, and my jealousy has awoken since then. Which is per normal for anyone unless they feel nothing.

  • @Kanuna if its consensual with all the people in the relationship I believe its fine. not everyone is going to be into I and that's fine. and by unnatural , just look at nature, some animals stick to one mate, others have multiple. so really it just depends on who you are and what you are ok with in a relationship.