Farewell Forever - Originally from my Blog

  • Farewell Forever

    by: simplify

    The moment I met you I smiled
    Like glimmering lights collide
    It was the happiest days of my life
    You left my heart broke with a knife

    Sometimes I wonder what's wrong
    But it's meant to make me strong
    Our time was not so perfect
    And it is the right time to reflect

    I am no longer all about you
    Because I'm happy without you
    Writings made me busy and better
    I hope you don't think I'm bitter

    Having friends and family is much greater
    Than to love and believing a cheater
    This isn't for you my once lover
    Don't get offended farewell forever

    Farewell Forever - Behind the story

    The story behind this poetry is naturally, a fiction. Although, when I know somebody who had an experience in this situation, that's where my ideas were coming out of my mind. I didn't know if this calls a talent, but I guess all of us have a natural strength in other things. I rarely write a poem when I'm sad and in love. Though, I plan to write in the future about the environment, government, family, friends, etc. There is a lot of ideas to write and inspiration to put in our poems.

    For sure, you have read already the poem before reading this. You can think that I sound like a bitter because of the cheater thing but as I said, this is just a fiction. Nonetheless, there's still some out there that this happens to them. Of course, who wants to get fool with the person whom we once trust right? But, if you already knew and you chose to stay, that's already a wrong thing to do.


    Mostly, women are typical in this kind of situation. I'm not saying that we're always the victim of cheating. Though there are also women, who cheat on their partners. Always remember that fraud is not a habit and it's wrong. When you chose to love someone, you need to give your pure love, respect, and trust. No one wants to get fool especially when you love that someone with all your heart. We all deserve the love and respect of the person we love.

    I hope that love will always prevail in this world. No hate, bullying,  cheating, because all we need is love. The Christmas is approaching and the end of the year is nearly ending, let's leave the wrong side of our hearts.

    Some of the poems that I have read from the past doesn't explain why they wrote the poetry. And most of these things were written because it has a real story behind the lines. Honestly, when I write poems, mostly they're real, and it happened. I don't usually post my poems because when once published on the internet, it will become a public property unless there's a patent.

    Don't copy this because it's mine. You can use this for what purpose it may serve to you, but please don't forget to give credit to the author.