• Unbeknownst to your heart,
    a path has been layed out,
    a path for you to walk.

    Laced with saphires and diamonds,
    embraced by beautiful flowers,
    and pure spring water for you alone.

    A path that is an adventure,
    a call that is about to come,
    for you to see the light.

    Under the cruciatum you will find,
    what was always with you,
    and always will be.

    For the eye cannot see,
    what the heart understands,
    when it becomes one.

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  • This is beautiful!

  • birds out there cages
    sing as you cross the
    snake bend night
    to the left
    to the right
    you etch your hand
    on the trunks in spite
    you walk this path again
    with diminishing light
    you may find your
    way with no sight
    birds sing and sing until
    u get tired, for that
    reason u must keep
    stroll. legs hurting
    is better than birds that doesn't sing
    you see a bird thats silent
    running in horror
    does stopping may be violent

  • Birds out of cages
    sing as you traverse the
    serpent's winding night.
    To the left,
    to the right,
    you carve your hand
    on trunks in defiance.
    You tread this path anew
    with fading light,
    finding your way with no sight.

    Birds sing and sing until
    you grow weary,
    for that reason, you must keep
    strolling. Legs hurting
    is better than birds that won't sing.
    You spot a silent bird,
    darting in terror.
    Does stopping mean violence?

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