Gentle, Honesty,love hearted Man always being misstreeted.

  • From beginning (love)(Honest)(faithfull)till now he never changed a bit,He is Like Waiting for a kiss,hug or just a love u word any moment any day. He smiles and do what he needs to do for Her .When the need comes, his traying to make a kinky cuddle move on her. Then in a sec ,1 word he forgot about the mood and moment.Days go bay,He gets a beautiful thought in his mind of doing it beyond mountain's and rivers, as the day pass the 1word in a second that same day still ,she runs it's down puts him deeper and deeper in a alone word ,a phone that Means nothing, Friends that he needs bud don't have.A drive with out a car, money like a empty Card.Full furniture house in the boss ,that's not even being used. . A women can heal a man's Body by just being faithful and honest with love and support.

  • If you are not valued where you are, then be where you are valued.