you shouldn't read this...if you don't want to....

  • AHHHHH? okay....idk if you even know me, but it's Lisa here, lisa life has been failing for a while now, and i'm honestly at the point of giving up. I know i keep motivating ppl to keep fighting and trying they're best...but for me, it doesn't seem that easy, I don't want to say too much but i give up...i'm not putting this out there because i need help..but bcuz i'm tired of considering, i just want to do it already.
    But Thank you to every single soul that has ever been part of TWS (yk who you Are 😉) It's not's me.
    I love you all & those who can fight, keep on, but i believe in free will and what makes you happy, so do that, do whatever make you feel good and happy, just as i am right now. . .

    alt text

    (no one will have to think about me anymore)
    i apologize for everything wrong
    thank you so so so much...i love ya'll
    🖤 goodbye 🖤

  • @drie You should talk to your soul to get away from every bad situations.

  • RIP: lisa mini 💤

  • Dw abt me 😅

  • if we get tags in next posts @mods, please ban ip

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