Somehow I find my self here every so often..

  • It's strange describing my experience at TWS, I miss you guys. I really do sometimes.

    It's beautiful, whatever time I had spent, but now to see everyone leave, it's broken my heart.

    It's been a good 3 years since I met you all, @Vanie, @Rhydian, and others. It's weird how attached I got. I've been so busy the past 3 years, but there were brief moments when I got reminded of you guys.

    and of all. I really liked you. I've had such a good time with you. I'm sorry about the difficult time you had to go through by the end of our friendship, when I rejected you. With you you and I both having feelings for each other, I was too scared to understand them, or process them. But these three years, I've stayed away from TWS for most of it. Only briefly did I came, and it always reminded me of you.

    You're probably at some different point in your life and it would be wonderful if you were. I hope you don't see this post really. That would be the best case scenario, you so ahead and moved on, that you could not even recall me or this place.

    In the last 3 years, I've thought over and over about reaching out. So, here I am revealing my true self, and for once in these three years, hoping to move forward.

    All the love,


    I no longer use that acc, long story

  • Ive missed you!!!!
    i hope youre doin really wellllll :)

  • Gamers

    damn my man was on this site for about 3 years, wild dedication.