• I am a gay male and I never understood why being gay was such a crime and sin to people. I can love a man the same way you can love a woman. I understand that you may find the idea of a man doing things with another man gross, but that's alright because I don't expect a straight man to think that way about another man, just like how I wouldn't think that way about another woman.

  • I’ve always wondered this too, especially because my romantic life/interest are really not anyone’s concern but mine and my partners. It annoys me when people who don’t even know me are making assumptions on my character solely based on the fact that I am attracted to girls. Straight men will judge me but it’s like… you like girls too? Why is it so maddening that I like them too? Or when people say I’m going through a phase or I’m pretending to like girls, makes me so mad. I’m so sorry for anyone who has had similar experiences to mine, and I hope things get better for you because you deserve the world. If anyone needs to here this: there is nothing wrong with you, it’s okay to be who you are and love who you love. People will say things and judge you but don’t pay them any attention. You are exactly who you’re meant to be so don’t change yourself to meet anyone else’s standards.

  • @markv as long as u keep ur sexuality to your bedroom, i have no problem with you being gay. Let's respect everyone for being humans first :v sexual orientation has become too unnecessarily important. I don't hate gay people, but that doesn't mean I agree with their propaganda... Specially when gay people and Lgtbq in general are usually represented by flamboyant clowns or anything sex related.

    Remember being gay or having any other sexual orientation isn't normal, since normal is what's common or frequent. So I'm afraid there will always be people who won't accept you, however, said people can come to tolerate you.

    Anyway, for people with any sexual orientation, bedroom stuff should be kept in the bedroom. XD

    I'm not sure what kind of gay you are, the decent ones or the ones who scream debauchery? I have gay acquaintances who are amazing people.and they don't need to be screaming to the 4 winds that they love to bite the pillow XD they also have pretty stable gay relationships.