• Hi I really need an honest opinion I know it's bit long story so I am sorry for that right now I am in college when I was in school my friends were not that great they excluded me out of every thing in short it was a very bad experience so i actually wasn't sure while making friends in college but my college started online so i actually met someone who understood me and promised me like he will not leave and all He was himself sucidal .Living far away I was not sure how to help him but one of his close friend was in the same college so I talked to him a bit about him being sucidal but later I realized his friend was just making fun so I stopped telling him.After few months college went offline now we could meet he already knew I speak less he helped me initially and understood so I got confidence in him but recently he started drifting apart he become friend with person I don't like and slowly I felt a drift the things we used to share or time got shifted to her when I talked about this to him he started saying they talk to him and are nice to him why he should be good to them kind of comparing me and now I am in his priority alot below them once in a fight he told me he don't trust me anymore that's why we have drifted but according to him I tell other what he says to me but I just shared in starting to help him I was ready to prove him and show him chats but he don't want he says time will heal but don't even give me time because the girl I don't like he give her most of the time according to me he says I am being over and there is noting like that I am also confused it is he who is wrong or I am being extra insecure because of my past experience and are there any suggestions??

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