• I broke up with my girlfriend some months ago and it was my fault i just got carried and i went on omegle and talked with another woman for some seconds maybe a minute and when i realized what i was doing i closed my phone and i started crying and i was eaten up by stress and i told her what happened because I couldn't keep it secret from her ans she took it very harshly and she talked bad to me she said sorry afterwards but it really hit me then i had mental issues with myself (school,gym and other things) and she thought that i ignored her she even asked me again to be her boyfriend and i said yes but before she asked me she asked me to go out and fix everything but i thought she was gonna just shame me i regret so much for not going as she just wanted to fix everything now she still thinks i ignored her and she forgets everything i did for her throughout our relationship ignoring the paragraphs i texted her saying to her she is my world late at night now she moved on and am stuck to loving her

  • Good hhff,

  • @someone-broken wonderfull!! Shit happen mate !!

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