LDR suck,I love him but don't know what's going on,he won't communicate

  • So I'm in a LDR relationship, we've been together close to a year now,and just last month during our vacation he proposed. So when he left everything felt right but all over sudden our communication became less and less and now it's been two days since we last talked. I call and text but all I get us crickets.
    Has be zoned out or it's all I'm head,why would he propose and us have a big party for it. I'm so confused. I feel embarrassed to tell my family and friends what's going on like they'll judge him and I don't even know wassup. Hence why I'm here to vent a get some advise.

  • I'm sorry, i know this is hard to hear but if he is no longer making time or staying in comms,

    He has lost interest and is kinda a dead lead from this point on...

    Even if you restore comms it wont be the same and youll always have questions in your mind, (am i not good enough? being the main one & i wonder if he has other girls)

    being 27yrs young your still ok, im sorry to say this but you will have to start looking for someone else

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