That one person who i want to forget but also want forever in my life..

  • I don't know how to say this.. there a boy i had crush on since july 2018 when i was in that time didn't know what to say and how to say... it kept going the way it was going we were good friends.... but the love inside me was increasing day by day and was intolerable... i thought to confess it out so i texted him and called him to school but i don't kniw what happened to me... i didn't said anything to him.. maybe because i didn't wanted our friendship to end...just after 20 days from that in december i saw his story on insta and came across the fact that he has a girlfriend.. they have been in a relationship since 3 months at that time... that broke me heavily but i realized it was nice that i didn't confessed it.... then came the 10th going in same way.. we being friends me stalking him on Instagram saving his photos and thinking about him everytime and regretting my destiny.... i remember the last exam of our boards i was on my scooty and he was behind me on his bike... i don't know what happened to me i kept seeing him in the back mirror and bumped into another bike... ofcourse no one know that... they just know i lost control which i did after seeing him... then was a lockdown which really helped me... not talking to him no text and not seeing him really felt good... but then came the 11th i saw him again and my heart slipped... i don't know what's there in him... but i like him.. at start i thought it's just i crush and will pass but it wasn't like that... i love him but don't want a relationship with him...i want us to be bestest friends but how do i saw this to him..its not easy...yesterday was our last day of school.. it's been 4 years now... and i am not okayy...i just want to move on but i want him to stay in my life forever as a best friend... god know when we'll see each other... how to i help myself getting over him... what should i do... i just keep thinking about him but he don't know all this and i don't have guts to confess it neither i want to cause i know we don't have a future as we belong to different castes and our families won't agree....and i don't want him to be temporary... i need him... he really means something to me...but i know he won't want to see me again... cause i think i am just a temporary friend which he has in a bulk... and it hurts... a lot... 💔

  • If you want them you have to tell them. No games just the truth

  • @Millie241 Don't worry sis! Its okay one day he will also realise your love to him😌❤️And somewhat same of us 🤗Ok sis! ❤️❤️🌹

  • @needsugarbaby 🤗But the seriousnes is theres''

  • @Millie241 keep hope alive and all that.

  • People have a hard time accepting that love just happens. I love my best friend. It doesn’t matter if he’s kind of a jerk.

  • Are you a novelist? If not you should be. I thought I was reading a novel.