Came back to TWS after 2 years approx

  • Yolo mates!! So Im Maggie or here in TWS many of my friends use to call me Tara:))
    I heard that most of them deleted their TWS account or are inactive in here...
    whenever I think abt this platform or come herr I miss them alott and those good bingchilling days (lol..)which I had spend with em
    We have had alot of fun and drama haha yess!!

    In rememberence of (I hope they are alive and well),Martin<3,Braxton,Sun,Max,Shangho,Crow,Ilyaaz,Rose,Lilly,Rose,Eucalyptus,,Sarthak(he's a hoe but yea fine),Sierra,Bees,Kitkat etc...

    Im hopping to meet em all one day atleast for ones...

    Rest ahh yea some other frnds of mine are still in contact wimme like Sim,Cyber,Shay,Lisha,Shine Abgail etc...

  • Welcome back to TWS @Taraaa-2020! ※(^o^)/※

    I myself signed up with this account approx ~5 years ago... but I've literally only just become active on here about a week-ish ago? Funny how the craving for connecting with random people comes and goes in ebbs and flows, huh? 🌊

    I think I saw you post elsewhere that you were raised in Kerala too? HELLO FELLOW FELLOW FROM THE OTHER MOTHERLAND!!! :india: 👋🏼

    Quick question: would you be so kind as to define "bingchilling"?? 🧐🤔 My mind immediately conjures up an image of you, hanging out with a bunch of friends in a room, all crowded around a computer -- with the Bing search engine open... which just prompts a whole host of other follow-up questions 🤣 like:

    • Why Bing and Google?
      • Cuz you're countercultural hipsters?
      • Cuz you think the search results are more amusing on that end?
        • Is it like when friends watch really terrible B-rated movie, but then mute it and add their own dialogue dubs as each of the characters appear onscreen, just for the shits and giggles?
      • Because... of the pretty daily picture Microsoft posts on the Bing homepage???
    • What keywords did you search?
      • "Is Google better than Bing?"
      • "How to chill with friends?"
      • "Bill Gates + Illuminati confirmed"?

    So many silly thoughts lmao. Funny thing is, that was probably just a typo or something completely unrelated to what I made it out to be lmao. But I just felt like sharing where my mind went, because... reasons? ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

    Anywho, I hope you get a chance to reconnect with all your old friends on here and/or in-person someday! 🤞🏼 In the meantime, if you wanna befriend me and/or "bingchill" with me ( ^_^)o🍻o(^_^ ) that'd be kinda cool too I guess :) wanna show a new noob the ropes of this weird corner of the internet? 🙏🏼😁

    welcome back

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