• I just want to end things.. I can't handle that much pain.. and all of my life I wish to feel nothing.

  • @Livetodie No it is not okay. Don't do this. There is a solution to every problem. I am sure something can surely be done to get you in a better place than you are right now. You, just as any other soul, deserve to be cherished, cared for, and loved deeply. And of course protected. And I am sure, that you may not be receiving the treatment and support that you deserve, to overcome whatever it is that is bothering you at this time. Only then you'd be troubled with such thoughts. So please, don't end your life, come and talk to me perhaps? I'd love to hear you out, and give whatever advice I am able to. Or to try to guide you at least. My DMs are open, I beg you to come and share all of your worries if that would make you feel better.

    I don't know what you are going through, but I am sure that it must be very tough. But I can assure that there will be better days, there must be a better option. There always is. Your life is sacred; precious. Don't harm yourself.

  • Death can be felt too.
    so to feel nothing-be emotionless, senseless.Be a Cold Hearted person.
    Seriously i love such cold character persons(not in my life though :)), cuz they be like having "who da fck r u face" , "i dont care any more face".
    In simple Be Like SAITAMA (One Punch Man).

    or if u r a give up kind of person, then jst go & listen to Dharma King Creation's Death song[cultivation chat group] .

  • I literally felt that way this afternoon, like wishing I hadn't been born and feeling the calmness of not existing. The tranquility of not having to be in this world full of problems. But a few hours later I felt better again, distracting myself from problems and concentrating on the bright side of things. I think that everything is a matter of perspective and that little by little things can change.

  • start lifting bro and listen some black metal along don't give up to gayness

  • @Livetodie No don't say that , try to focus on the love god set in your heart to be ignited and focus on those you love and care for .. life is not just bad circumstances cz you still have the decision and will to change it all , It's never the end when bad things happen , just like the day and night, life switches for u to see the good and learn from the bad .

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