Mental illness health and lonliness

  • Am suffering with mental illness ans lonliness. Just wanna chat to new people. Is anyone else in the same situation?
    Please do message me...

  • hey, wanna talk?
    if cant get to me here add me on instagram @gabizuu_16

  • @Ridwan-Ahmed That is a fine sentiment. We do always have ourselves and that should keep us going. I get quite suicidal at times and there's usually something that keeps me alive. Although I did end up in hospital for a week earlier this year. Had renal failure and was on dialysis and a ventilator and heavy sedation for 3 days. Took an overdose of lithium and a few other things. Silly me! How is your day?

  • Also had some issues still do but I learnt that, I will always have me and that makes me calm.

  • @Adsi my day is fine. Wherever you are I hope you get better. I hope you have a great life. I hope you grow old in a healthy environment. Whenever I hate my life I just like to imagine myself growing old and how trivial these matters will be one day.

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