Is Money God? If you DoNot have Money you have Nothing?

  • Why is Money So damn Important. for some people more than their relationships or friends

  • i do not understand this at all money leads everything at all times

  • @James-Jackson its not God at all, its just a color paper, made by powerful people to keep on control with fear and greed... so if you so not have also ypu can live your life happily without any worries... attachments and desire money can buy but not feelings.. anyway i can say stop being attached to materialistic and live a life with needed things but not with wanted things.. gone you understand

  • Money is not God, we are the ones who give importance to money, because we can buy and foolishly think we can buy everything. The truth is that too much money makes you slaves, lonely, paranoid. The deanro is a means to live well, but that's not all. Health is everything .. this is our real engine

  • Some people think that money brings them happiness, that money can fill a void and can do anything.
    You can only fill a void with a special person.

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