• I was just Friend Zoned by a Woman I am attracted to, I am certainly no stranger to this. Truth is it is a punch in the gut. My first instinct is to ditch her and simply find another woman I am attracted to who will reciprocate the same feeling. I personally feel like a loser because She is not attracted to Me. Women often perceive this is I am saying I am owed something. Most of the time Women are vicious to a Guy who is hurt by being Friend Zones. First of all I will not demand a woman reciprocate the same feelings. I have tried to just walk away from this Woman because I am positive She is not going to change Her Feelings. Why does a Woman get offended when a Guy wants to just walk away from Her after She Friend Zoned? I have read numerous articles on the subject and other Women seem less than sympathetic to a Guy who has been friend zones. I will agree She does not owe me anything, in fact I keep trying to just turn away from Her but then She makes me feel guilty when I tell Her this is not working out. If I had it My way a Guy would get the Woman He wants, but there is no way I could altar Human Nature. To quite a few Guys out there the friend zone feels like a torture chamber. I am not a Man to persist once I been friend zones, as far as I am concerned the knife has already been stabbed into the Heart, and the knife I am referring to is known as the friend zone. Women simply do not understand why the friend zone is an insult. Women expect Guys to be immune to the heartbreak of being friend Zoned, and it does seem that the more attractive a Woman is the more cold hearted she gets when a Guy asks Her out, and I have even seen some Women brag about it. I have also seen Women rub it in a Guy's face after She friend Zoned. No Man wants to hear that the Woman he desires is not attracted to Him. Women get upset when the Guy She friend zones wants nothing to do with Her or just wants to keep Her at a distance because if He does not then The Man is liable to Hear the Woman He wants say things like, "That Guy is Cute because He has a nice build." The Man does not want to hear the Woman He is attracted to ask Him for advise about the Other Man She is attracted to. This is not a subject that came to pass overnight, this has been a problem for Men since the Caveman days. Today's Women expect Men not to be offended by being friend Zoned. Some Women will accuse a Man of being Chauvinistic when addressing their grievances on the subject. Fair enough ladies, You do not owe men Sex, What a Man really wants is piece of mind to know He is wanted which of course cannot be forced. What really should happen though is that a Man should not have to play the game of acting like an alpha male in order to get a Woman's attention. On the subject of acting like an Alpha Male , it is what society expects of Men while Women expect to be respected there is an expectation of a Man to pretend to be someone He is not. If Women expect us to act a certain way then Why is it wrong for Men to have certain expectations of Women. Let's be fair, Women can be very vicious to Men who complain about being Friend Zoned, it is just as offensive to Men as it is equally offensive for a Woman to be constantly barefoot and pregnant. I do not expect such a thing. It is a Woman's right to not be attracted to a certain Man, and it should be a Man's right to walk away from a Woman who puts Him in the Friend Zone without Guilt Trips from Her as He walks away.

  • Advice, you might not like it. But tell the women, you never saw her as a potential friend. That attraction will always be there the more you hangout etc. I hate to say it but cutting yourself off from her completely could be best for your mindset. Unfortunately it sounds like you need to wait a bit longer before you meet a women as attracted to you as you are to her

  • @Ed-Billings 😫😩☠🥱 boring .... what a lovely situation innit ??

  • @Ed-Billings friend zone hurts because of how you approach women. You shouldnt let your self get attracted and invested too much before you figure out what the sitiation between you two is gonna be. Its a fact that many of us gets friendzoned and it will happen whether you like it or not. Before investing too much just understand if she likes you too and tell them what you feel and your goal meeting with them at the start.
    Also if she makes you feel bad for not talking to her bc of getting friendzoned she isnt grown up mentally. Just cut it loose and leave her selfish ass. Good luck