AITA for repeatedly punching my son's face as hard as I can ?

  • Usually I (42m) see my son (12m) on the couch in the living room playing minecraft with his (12m) friends 'xXxmomfucker69xXx' and 'UwUfurryfemboy'.

    Usually I (40m) have no problem with that, he's (12m) having a good time playing with good friends.

    But yesterday I (42m) saw him playing F*RTNITE !! instead, which is bad unwholesome chungus so I did what I (41m) thought was the best course of action, which was punching him (12f) in the face as hard as I (41m) could.

    It was for his (12f) own good. :smiling_face:

    hey , its me the son (12T) , listen I don't have much time .

    I edited this post because I have dire news !

    🚨Attention🚨ALL FORTNITE GAMERS 🎮🎮🎮, John Wick is in great danger🆘, and he needs YOUR help to wipe out 💀 all the squads in THe tilted towers 🏢🏢🏢.

    To do this, he needs a gold SCAR 🔫 and a couple of chug-jugs🍺🍺.

    To help him, all he needs is your credit card number 💳 , and the three numbers on the back 3️⃣ and the expiration month and date 📅.

    But you gotta be quick ⚡so that John can secure the bag 💰, and achieve the epic victory R O Y A L

    P.S. : This is not a scam.

    P.P.S : For extra incentive , Email me at [email protected] wit screenshot proof , to get some free fortnite noods .

  • so yesterday you become 1 year younger but you're usually 2 years younger and your child became female after you punched him... i see !

  • @Jumper-Cable-Guy
    nah you ain't the asshole, your son deserved it. how dare he 😤😤