lets all convert to hinduism

  • @bye69 well, iam not having a argument with you I am having a conversation...please read some more books to get more info and have your home work with research and facts, you are not able to think out of the circle you trying to find a corner inside a circle, you are in a small bubble inside a circle so ?? No point, until you expand your mind to be wise and understand the knowledge to gain wisdom.. all religious text is manipulated and changed a lot in time, yo are right
    I do agree, accept Quran that's Islam not Muslim. I think you should convert to Islam because text is not changed or manipulated its still intact, since the beginning..so why you think hindhu is most superior than any sect group or religion ?? Rather than accepting as it is without likes and dislikes very passively calm way??
    So please answer my question
    R u born hindhu? If yes what cast?
    If you converted to hindhu which cast you choose to be?? Low schedule cast? Again there is no unity between hindhu because of cast ! So yeah I convert adopt a religion where there is unity among themselves..
    Religion is done to control lower understanding mind, with fear and greed.. mainly to feel good about for themselves, every individual being like to belong some where in group to feel safe and protected, so nice to join a sect, cult, religion, community.. or what ever group you like.. basically you do not know how to live life and behave with other being around you i guess??
    So you need a religion which is not your ideology to comfort yourself, do not matter if it is hurting another being around you.. with your stupid borrowed ideas from ancient being which is gone and dusted in past..

  • @Its-the-Sleepy lol..looks meaty..dont you know that baby cows are a good source of chymosin--the protease needed to curdle milk for cheese making.

    Nowadays, cheese is genetically modified (GMO)--using E. coli that produce chymosin. But the taste/flavor of the end product from this is very far from those produced using the real chymosin.

    To extract that, we have to kill calves. 😏

  • Banned

    i can not..... i haven't try gordon ramsay's beef wellington.


    @YourMomToo Soooo, try it first and afterwards convert?! I didn't think about the no beef thingy 🤔 .. That's actually a good point! Zackaria didn't even point that out in his entire thing, that's like the most important con!! 😮

  • @Eucalyptus The innocent in the verse means non-combatants, unnecessarily killed people, like old men, women, children not participating in war.

  • @FluffyCookie No, killing people is never good unless it is necessary, like for crimes.

  • @FluffyCookie They are not in the circle of Islam. They are a group of people called 'Khawarij'. These people have the following characteristics:

    • These people do a lot of Takfir i.e they declare a lot of people (who call themselves Muslims) as non-Muslims without justification.

    • These people think that main-stream Muslims have been corrupted so much that they all must be killed. They judge the hearts of people.

    • They cherrypick Quran verses.

    • They follow the traditions of the Prophet as long as it meets their desires.

    • They rebel against Muslim leaders.

    The Prophet PBUH warned us by telling us that their will be a group of young people, with the traits listed above; where ever you find them, kill them, because they are terrorists! Trouble-makers, these people kill innocents over doubts on intention!
    Nowadays these people are ISIS, ISIL, IS, Al Qaeda, etcetera.

    Also, only a government can order to kill someone who is a Khawarij, we can't just go around and kill someone who we suspect is a Khawarij, doing so will make us a Khawarij ourselves!


    @knownsense said in lets all convert to hinduism:

    well done you stupid _____

    well done you stupid hottest lady 🔥

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  • @FluffyCookie fucking idiot if you kill a person your are wiping out whole humanity that's what it say in Islam, I hate Muslim fanatics but not Islam..it's two different thing and please h
    Keep your brain open to know all around to gain knowledge, there is nothing called holy fucking book

  • @Eucalyptus hey man I heard that Hinduism sucks. Is that right?

  • @Fahad-Hassan I think u don't understand urself. U were told about Quran by ur parents in ur childhood thats why u believe its absolutely correct but there are 4200 religions out of which ur religion(Islam aka terrorism) is only one. Think for urself , not blindly believe ur parents words.(believing parents outta respect but respecting ur own thinking)

  • @Eucalyptus no not really it's just an ideology of some stupid fucking idiot manipulated in the name of religion, giving limited information, not studied well also can't be wise to think in o
    Your own brain yeah, until you read and understand quran you never know what it is ?? It's a teaching to live life most of people do not know how to live life without disturbing the surrounding poor idiot no sense to make sense to give space time and respect for surrounding also cannot accept as it is?? So everyone want to belong some where that's all,there is a saying in all religion empty mind us devil's worship why it is?? Do you know it, well I mention to you intelligence no one like it specially when it comes to religious axpect so yeah take it easy dear, all will realise but no one want analyse thier realising that's the problem

  • @thinkerman how stupid you are my think Ink man ?? Super helerious ha ha ha I can't stop laughing about ypu comment, so my dick is God for you, I guess so worship it mate kiss it all your dreams come true

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  • @Speeed let's kill all pakistanis claiming kashmir!

  • @sup" I Think" !! 1st you don't think becz thinking requires a brain not an ass ! 2nd who the fuck are you saying " I think " ?? 😂😂 who gives a fuck besides ur mommy abt what u fucking say ? 😂

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    @The-Mods said in lets all convert to hinduism:

    @sup" I Think" !! 1st you don't think becz thinking requires a brain not an ass ! 2nd who the fuck are you saying " I think " ?? 😂😂 who gives a fuck besides ur mommy abt what u fucking say ? 😂

    I had warned you now there is no going back phahaaaaha

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