• I posed a question here yesterday as I tend to do because I have all these thoughts about all these things and my friends are no help at all when I try to explore ideas with them. The responses I've gotten on this site tend to be interesting in better informing my own opinions and introducing me to new perspectives. What happened this time, though is that I got a bit of backlash for my question. I have never in my life been attacked for asking for people's thoughts about a topic. I didn't get so much of opinions or criticisms as much as just rebuke for asking the question in the first place. I got pretty shook up, ngl.

    Now I'm asking another question. Can questions, themselves, be offensive/ how so? Is it in structure? Is it in what is being implied? Can invitation of outside opinion be, itself, attacking outside opinion?

  • @Merlin-James Good question! I supposed questions could be offensive to some. Some people tend to try offence in anything these days. To me though, I find any question a good question if you genuinely do not know something and are trying to educate yourself. Questions posed that are trying to troll can be annoying or offensive (imo).

  • yes they can.
    if you asked the question
    'hows your mother doing?' to a person who just recently lost their parent,its understandable that some of them would get upset,no?

    theres plenty of other way that we can question people that can make them upset

    -whats the result of your fertility test?
    -did you tested positive for HIV?
    -did you get the promotion?
    -did you passed the test?
    -did you get the loan?

    theres no malice whatsoever in these questions,right?in the end,it depends on how the person that you posed the question to interpret it.

  • Yes. It is up to the person you are questioning if they wish to be offended. That is their prerogative.

    Keep in mind however that it is entirely at your discretion depending on your own sensibilities if you should care or not.

  • Banned

    @Merlin-James only politicians can answer it.

  • Global Veteran

    @Merlin-James There're a wide range of situations that can twist responses transforming something apparently little into colossal. Take the state of mind homie..... What if someone's concentrating on something completely off from what you asking??? Chances high he or she finds it stressing and outcome's a negative response...negative response indicates the question was offensive. Besides, environment also has influence for scores on extroversion, emotional stability and level of openness to some things. Nice environment increases positive personality. All you need just ask right qtn at right time in the right environment.

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @Merlin-James Homophobic questions can be offensive

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