• By rail comes mail
    It comes, or it fails
    To come, for not everyone writes

    The train that still bothers to come into town
    Where nobody bothers to ask his pronouns

    Is rolling and strolling
    And smoking and riding
    And driving away the night

    Away from the pillow
    The weeps of the willow
    The quips of the sorrow
    That soiled tomorrow

    The butcher, the baker,
    The candlestick maker,
    The thoughts that needle and streak

    Unwire and tire
    And wear and tear
    Vacating the future I seek

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  • eminem was little too quite after this dropped

  • @Lake-Bodom said in By rail comes mail:

    eminem was little too quite after this dropped

    Haha I liked this comment a lot ... hehe

    @linear Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  • @linear Lake already said It but this poem fit as a rap song lyrics lol :)

  • @The-Mods it does , im actually singing it xD

  • @linear I can't tell if this is of indifference, nature or humor as it's quite confusing at the start, and the more I tried to interprete first time, I meet some phrases tricking me off but after giving it some time I come to understand everything. This indicates to me your level of thinking is so far from ordinary and am left wondering what kind of audience in had in mind🤓 Round of applause for such creativity coz poems are harder to work with and in most cases, there's that feeling one doesn't have reasonable word space to express everything but with high quality hypothalamus combined with brilliant use of ordinary events, you people give a brief picture in the readers' mind expressing everything.