Why sometimes shit happens

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    I wanna know if you had a shity situation which turned out to be positive when several years past. Feel free to share it😊

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    @K-A it will be pretty long ;-;
    It's started when I was at my 9th grade I was never worried about my Exams since I always had around 75-80% there was this new girl let's call her B so she was new at my class and she was sitting alone so I went to her and asked her to come and sit with me since she was new I showed her around everything was fine until I went to 10th for some reason she started bullying me because she thought it was cool being so bad to others at first I didn't cared but later she took my best friend and even stole my seat I tried to ask her why she was bullying me but she would just bully me more for asking it
    During my final exam I was depressed because of so much bullying and my best friend leaving me for B only 1 month was left for my finals I learned a lesson that time that a lot of people come and go in our life but the one who cares always stays I just said that to myself and started preparing for my finals because of course I can't let some bullies ruin my future I started ignoring the bullying too and I stayed focused on my finals
    The results came and I actually passed my finals
    I was crying a lot because i didn't expected I'll pass them later I got admission at the jr college i wanted and guess what my ex best friend suddenly realised how B was nothing more than just a bully she started to ask me to forgive her I didn't forgive her tho she broke my trust it's not easy to rebuild a broken trust
    Luckily my childhood friend got my number : D and now she's my best friend now^^

    So yeah right now I'm at 12th and I appreciate what i have right now : D i hope people will understand that being bad and rude isn't cool

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    @K-A hm, i barely remember about shit things happen in my life

  • @K-A 0k abir happens always positive or negative I so not know my negative can be your positive vice versa so I have no clue and no comments

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